A Place In The Sun’s Jasmine Harman shows ‘big tum’ to highlight ‘real’ bodies

A Place In The Sun's Jasmine Harman defiantly displays 'big tum' after body shaming fears
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Jasmine Harman was one of A Place In The Sun's first presenters
(Image: jasmineharman/Instagram)

"Not everyone on IG had the perfect bod or the perfect life.

"We can only do our best and being kind and true to yourself is a great place to start."

The presenter's uplifting words went down on a storm with her followers with many of them telling the property expert how proud they were of her.

One said: " Good for you Jasmine, so inspiring."

While another wrote: " Hallelujah a normal female body. Thanks for sharing."

Fans asked if Jasmine was pregnant
(Image: Jasmine Harman/Instagram)

Jasmine is a married mum of two
(Image: jasmineharman/Instagram)

And a third posted: "Thank you!!!! Your a stunning woman. And it’s amazing that you’ve been brave enough to expose yourself to the savages that are Insta followers!

"Good for you , I’d be more than happy to put my body out there if it looked as good as you."

Jasmine's positive post comes amid inaccurate reports she was pregnant.

The presenter said while she was initially "insulted" by the assumption she was trying to learn to love her body.

"My first reaction was to be insulted and upset," she revealed.

"I’m not pregnant; I’ve put on weight. TBH I’ve spent my adult life putting on weight and losing it again. It’s boring after a while."

Jasmine added: "The last time I lost weight, I thought I’d cracked it for good, but alas, it all went awry during lockdown."

Jasmine has been helping house hunters find their perfect homes since 2004

Jasmines revealed that she is now embarking on a new healthy lifestyle that involves self love and a more relaxed approach to dieting.

Updating her fans on her plan of action she said: "I’ve decided to take matters in hand. I’ve been inspired by @plantpoweredcoach_ and his weight gain / weight loss journey so I’m going to follow his programme and see where it takes me."