Alice Evans advises women getting divorced to ‘be more aggressive’ in bizarre new video

Alice pretended to be a therapist dishing out advice to her followers
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She urged other women who were getting divorced to 'be more aggressive'
(Image: @aliceevansgruff/Instagram)

“Oh hello, I'm Marjorie and I'm here to talk to you about a very, very sad thing that happens to a lot of women, myself included,” Alice began.

“And it's the fact that we can we married for several years with one man that we can love with such intensity and then the man can just disappear with another woman and break our hearts,” she added.

The actress is sitting on her bed for the video, wearing bright red lipstick and a white shirt, with her blonde hair pulled back into a loose ponytail.

Ioan filed for divorce in March, leaving Alice devastated
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“The last time I spoke to my husband, you see the money was mine, and he became part of my family and when they did us over they said the lawyers had wrapped us up and they'd taken everything,” she said, seemingly referring to her bitter split with Ioan.

But then, she switches to an Cockney accent as she tries to impersonate a disgruntled husband, and exclaims: “You've got to f***ing kidding haven't you! What you're taking everything are you? That's the tennis court, the Lamborghini, the f***ing whatever.”

“Yes and I've got two f***ing cousins on their way that are going to f***ing cut you, you know that!” she shouted.

The estranged couple share two daughters
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Switching back to her character of ‘Marjorie’, Alice continued: “So yes I think we just need to be a bit more aggressive don't you!”

The 102 Dalmatians star shared the video on Instagram and Twitter, and captioned the clip: “Women must stick together. I teach alternate methods. DM me for info, or just flirting if this leaves you cold. Hugs to all!”

She sparked concern from her followers with her unusual spoof video, as her worried fans pleaded with her to seek help.

Ioan and Alice had been together for more than 20 years
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The couple, who met on the set of 102 Dalmatians, wed in 2007

“Alice. Go with dignity girl. Don’t let him hear about you doing these videos. Stop doing them. Just pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. And say goodbye to bad rubbish,” one follower commented.

“Please, if any of her family or friends are watching these videos, surely you must see that Alice needs help. This is so sad and uncomfortable to watch,” another added.

“You have an opportunity to be classy and rise like a Phoenix from the flames. I’m afraid this isn’t the way. Everyone wishes you well but you are obviously consumed with bitterness and Instagram is not the outlet,” one fan wrote.