Amanda Holden ‘sore’ as she recovers from slipping over in garden whilst nude

Amanda Holden is nursing injuries after slipping on ice


"We're lucky enough to have a hot tub in our garden and my husband walks down in his dressing-gown," she detailed live on air on Thursday morning.

"I always think, 'Oh, I'm not going to bother with that, I'll just run down there naked and I'll run back in' because mine is not a towel dressing gown.

"You know I like being naked, but I don't have a towelling dressing gown. I've got a fluffy one, so when you get out of a hot tub, it's squidgy inside."

Amanda then added how when "running across the patio" that she "did not see there was black ice" and it led in her sustaining injuries.

The star was naked when she fell
(Image: Instagram/ @noholdenback)

It happened as she ran to take a dip in her private hot tub
(Image: Instagram/ @noholdenback)

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"I slipped right on my bum," she giggled.

"I mean luckily I had my hands up. I landed, right on my bum and elbow, and I've got a lovely bruise!

"It was right on the fleshy part of my bum, that's why god invented bums isn't it, because they are like the cushions you can fall over when you're 50 and fall."

Amanda was attempting to do Dry January this year – but has already confessed to hitting the bottle.

She revealed this week that she failed her attempt due to her spending the past weekend sipping on sherry and gin.

Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda said she'd drank on Friday and Saturday before quickly adding that she'd also drank on Sunday as well.

Amanda said: "As I always do when I make a Sunday roast, I have a small Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry and I always toast my nan. My nan liked a Sherry, so I was saying ‘cheers Nanny’ and so yeah, and I had pizza on Friday and I made a roast dinner yesterday and I went out on Saturday."

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