Amber Turner says Dan Edgar is having to do her hair after she broke wrist on holiday

Amber Turner revealed boyfriend Dan Edgar has been assisting her with all manner of personal chores since she broke her wrist
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Taking to Instagram Stories, Amber revealed Dan had ordered a veritable feast from Sheesh restaurant in Essex and was on hand to care for her throughout the night.

Sharing snaps of them together, Amber wrote “Thank you to my amazing boyfriend for making it so special for me! I love you forever. Featuring my new arm accessory.”

She added: “Not only my boyfriend but also my carer.”

Dan helped arrange Amber's hair into a simple pulled back pony
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Via Instagram Stories she shared footage of Dan braiding her hair and cutting up food for her.

As she sat in a pink outfit, Amber video both herself and Dan as she captured her man doing his best to fulfil her hair-care needs.

Putting Amber’s hair into a loose pony, Dan remarked: “Stage 1 ponytail. I put it in a bun, I can’t do it. That’s perfect! If you asked me for a ponytail, that’s bang on.”

Dan seemed quite thrilled by his efforts
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Amber seemed unsure and requested a platt design instead
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Laughing, Amber said: No. I want a platt. Can you do a platt?” – to which a baffled Dan commented:”A platt? How the f**k am I supposed to do a platt?”

Sharing video of Dan chopping up her food, Amber also commented: “I think Dan really underestimated this role as my carer. I literally can’t even cut my food up myself.”

With plenty of fans and followers leaving messages of birthday well wishes, Amber later explained there would be a delay in her getting back to all her admirers.

She wrote: “Thank you so much to everyone who has messaged me. It’s very hard for me to text with one hand being my left one.

“I am making my ay through all the messages. Love u all.”

Amber broke her wrist while on holiday in Greece with friends Chloe Meadows and Chloe Brockett

Amber had enjoyed a summer break to Mykonos this month – taking advantage of Covid rule restrictions which finally allowed easier travel for British passport holders.

But her girls’ holiday with Chloe Meadows and Chloe Brockett came to a crashing end when Amber broke her wrist and had to be rushed to hospital.

Expressing gratitude to the fact her friends helped her get medical attention – as well as packing her belongings for her flight home – Amber shared a photo of the three of them from the Greek island on Wednesday.

Amber thanked her friends for helping her during her crisis

She wrote: “What would I have done without them both…. Chloe M eating dominos whilst sitting next to me in hospital & Chloe B being the mum packing our entire villa.”

Chloe Brockett commented: “Wouldn’t change it for the world.”

While Chloe Meadows insisted: "I was trying to sober up to help you talk to the doctors… the dominos was vital! Love you both."

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