Amy Childs ‘getting to know’ First Dates star after cutting contact with ex-boyfriend

Amy has enjoyed a string of dates with the Channel 4 star
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Amy and Tim split before the summer

Opening up about her new romance, Amy told OK! Magazine : “I’ve known him for ages. I’ve been on a couple of dates and he’s a nice guy, but I’m getting to know him.”

Amy is not ready to fully commit just yet though, as she’s still dating other people and is making being a mum-of-two her top priority.

The star, who is a proud mum to Polly, 4, and Ritchie, 3, shared: “I can’t sit here and say he’s going to be my boyfriend, because that’s not the way it is at all. I’m still going on speed dating on TOWIE .”

Amy says she's known Billy for years

The revelation comes after Amy fell head over heels for ex-boyfriend Tim at the beginning of the pandemic, but cracks soon started to show when the pair spent ‘every single day’ together.

“There were problems, he knew we were having problems and I woke up one day and said, ‘I can’t do this any more’,” Amy admitted.

“We were with each other every single day and we were like a married couple. We couldn’t go anywhere, nowhere was open and you don’t really know someone until a good 18-months in and we just didn’t get on any more.”

Amy is feeling more like herself now than ever
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Amy went on to reveal that she and Tim no longer speak, but the reality TV star will always have fond memories of their time together.

Now that she’s single again and dating, Amy has found a new lease of life and is feeling more like herself than ever.

The TOWIE star hasn’t given up on love just yet either, and has admitted that she believes she will soon find ‘the one’ when the time is right.