Andre Marriner told he’s not fit to referee after “guessing” in Tottenham vs Chelsea

(Image: Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images)


Hackett said: “The sad truth is that age has caught up with a number of Premier League refs. Marriner does not have an explosive sprint.

“He loses contact with play and is looking down the channel not achieving a good viewing angle. He was guessing the two big decisions in the Spurs v Chelsea game.”

Hackett says veteran refs Martin Atkinson, Marriner and Mike Dean should be put on VAR duty – but still need to prove themselves to even get that role.

He wrote on Twitter : “The time is right to put Atkinson, Marriner and Dean on permanent VAR duty. However I want to see a measurement of VAR performances. If the remaining referees fail to meet the elite level requirements then bin them.”