Bachelorette stars Tayshia Adams and fiance Zac Clark split blamed on lack of time together

New details are surfacing about what led to Bachelorette star Tayshia Adams’ split from fiance Zac Clark, whom she met on the show. 

According to a source close to the situation, the breakup, after about a year together, didn’t come as a surprise, and that they ‘didn’t see them getting to a wedding.’

Apparently, their relationship had already started to looked strained ever since summer gave way to fall, and that over time they realized the were two very different people, in terms of how they were going to live their lives, as reported in People.


Splitsville: Zac Clark, 37, and Tayshia Adams, 31, split after one year together

It turns out finding the time to be with each on a more consistent basis just didn’t manifest itself enough.

‘Both of their schedules have been really tough,’ the source said of Adams, adding, ‘Tayshia has been very busy and Zac also has a lot on his plate. Scheduling time together was just very difficult.’   


In recent times, Adams has been busy co-hosting The Bachelorette, while Clark has been focused on Release Recovery, the addiction treatment center and transitional living facility he co-founded.  

Plus, the pair appeared to have different priorities, in terms of lifestyle. 

Not a surprise: A source close to the situation revealed that the breakup didn’t come as a surprise, and that they ‘didn’t see them getting to a wedding’

‘She’s also way more comfortable in the spotlight because of her job and he’s much less so,’ that person in the know continued.

‘At the end of the day, they’re very different people. They’re both good people — she’s amazing and he’s a great guy and very passionate about his work. But they’re a total mismatch.’ 

Adams and Clark met when he competed for her heart on season 16 of The Bachelorette last year, which saw Adams step in as the leading lady after Clare Crawley dropped out to be with contestant Dale Moss.

After Adams gave Clark her final rose, and they went back to their real-life lives, she picked up from her native California and moved to be with her fiance in New York City. 

‘She has a one-way ticket to New York,’ Clark previously told People as the couple confirmed her move. ‘We’re going to get comfortable. And I’m going to date the heck out of her!’ 

‘I’ll still have my place in California so we’ll be bicoastal, but that’s the plan!’ Adams said.      

 Busy lives: It turns out the couple didn’t find the time to be with each other on a more consistent basis

While also still spending time on the West Coast, the couple seemed to both set different timelines for their nuptials.

‘At first, Zac was the person to be like, “We could get married next week.” And I was like, “Slow your roll.” I’d love to date a year,’ she said in February.

‘And now I’m like, “You want to … maybe next month?” And he’s like, “Tayshia, slow your roll.” We’re back and forth. But there’s no timeline. It’s definitely going to happen. I just don’t know when.’  

But rumors had been swirling about the state of their relationship in recent days, with a source recently telling Life & Style that they were ‘on a break.’

‘They’re definitely taking some time apart to figure things out,’ the insider said. ‘It doesn’t look good.’

Fans noticed Adams wasn’t wearing her engagement ring while filming two back-to-back episodes of her Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, as well as when she attended the House Of Gucci premiere. 

Teamwork: The couple ran the New York City marathon together earlier this month

‘Mismatch: At the end of the day, they’re very different people. They’re both good people — she’s amazing and he’s a great guy and very passionate about his work. But they’re a total mismatch,’ that source added about their relationship

Just weeks ago, the pair ran the TCS New York City Marathon together. 

Afterwards, Clark raved about his lady’s performance in a touching Instagram post.  where he gushed: ‘The world is a better place today then it was yesterday because of you ….. KEEP GOING.’

Around the same time, Clark posted a gushing tribute to his then-fiancee raving about her work ethic.       

‘The untold story about @tayshia is one of humility and courage. She would never tell the world how truly inspiring her performance was yesterday at the @nycmarathon but I will,’ he wrote. 

‘Leading up to Sunday she did dozens of interviews where she could have talked about her chronic knee/back pain or her inability to train due to her insane schedule but instead she talked about her charity of choice, @worldvisionusa, and how grateful she was for all the support from family, friends, fans and strangers. She is allergic to excuses.’

He continued, ‘She could have bailed at anytime in the past four months, her PR team would have handled it, but that is just not who she is. She said she was going to do something and she did it.’                       

No bling:  Adams attended the House Of Gucci premiere without her engagement ring

‘Marry me’: Clark popped the question last year; after getting engaged on the season finale of The Bachelorette last year, Adams moved from Orange County, California to New York City

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