Bankrupt Katie Price could earn MILLIONS by flogging raunchy OnlyFans content

Katie was sentenced for drink-driving last month
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The mum of five reconfirmed her decision by donning a nun's outfit with a sash across it reading "My body my rules".

At a press conference today, she said: "So the reason I’ve come in a nun outfit is because I am pure and I am actually innocent. New year, new start.

"Doing my OnlyFans channel is something that I am born to do. It’s something I’m born to do. I’ve done glamour for years. I’m so excited I’ve got no one in my way.

"There are no lads mags anymore, I’m not doing it for nothing. I’ve always been paid to do what I do. Why would you just want to give that away? I think my body is valuable, it’s my rules. I want to dictate how I show my body.

"I’m embracing myself – I’m a feminist."

She added: "I’m looking forward to all the good things, I’ve got my babies to look forward to. This platform, it’s not just pictures, I’m just so excited."

Taking to Twitter, Katie said: "SUBSCRIBE TO MY ONLYFANS CHANNEL!" before adding a link to her new channel.

"I am so excited about getting to know my most loyal followers on OnlyFans and am planning on publishing content that won’t be seen ANYWHERE else!"

How much will Katie Price make from only fans?

Katie Price first broke out as a glamour model in 1996
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Katie Price photographed during her young modelling days, before her extensive plastic surgery
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Back in 2020, it was reported by the Daily Mail that Price could have been set to make a whopping £1million through her posts on the often X-rated site.

This looks to still be true now she's making a go of it two years later, although the exact sum remains unknown.

The Sun reports that on January 24, Price paid £7,358 for fines she'd racked up since 2019 and was potentially facing a stint at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

It has also been announced that, in response to her money woes, she is set to receive £45,000 for her part in the Mucky Mansion TV show.

Do people get rich on OnlyFans?

In short – yes. There is huge money to be made off OnlyFans, with content creators potentially able to rake in massive sums of cash for their efforts.

Take Price's pal Kerry for instance, who Yahoo! reported last summer had made over £1million through her content on the adult site.

But she is far from the only person earning huge piles of cash on the site.

The sums of money can potentially reach huge numbers. Last autumn, the Sun calculated that Cardi B could potentially be earning over £15million a month if just 5 percent of her Instagram followers paid her a monthly £3.66 OnlyFans subscription fee.

This is only an estimate, but it gives an indicator of the serious amounts of money that could be sloshing around the site.