Billie Eilish admits she is ‘ashamed’ of her past after racial slur scandal

Billie Eilish for Vogue Australia

"I said so many things then that I totally don't agree with now, or think the opposite thing."

Last month, Billie issued a grovelling apology after the video from more than five years ago was spread online.

She posted a lengthy statement on her Instagram Stories, in which she said she was so upset by her actions when she was a teen that she “wanted to barf”.

Billie was singing along to Tyler The Creator’s 2011 song Fish.

One of the verses in the track features the lyrics: "Slip it in her drink and in the blink, Of an eye, I can make a white girl look ch*nk."

"I mouthed a word from a song that at the time I didn't know was a derogatory term used against members of the Asian community. I am appalled and embarrassed and want to barf that I ever mouthed along to that word,” she began.

Billie feels 'embarrassed' about her past actions

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"This song was the only time I’d ever heard that word as it was never used around me by anyone in my family.”

“Regardless of my ignorance and age at the time, nothing excuses the fact is that it was hurtful. And for that I am sorry,” she reiterated.

She mouthed the words to Tyler, The Creator's song Fish
(Image: TikTok)

Billie posted a lengthy apology online after the videos emerged
(Image: Instagram)

Billie went on to defend herself against the claims that in the video she was talking in a way that mocked Asian accents, and insisted that it was a “silly gibberish made-up voice” she’d been using to speak to her family and friends since she was a child.

“It is absolute gibberish and just me goofing around, and is in NO way an imitation of anyone or any language, accent, or culture in the SLIGHTEST,” the Guinness World Record-holding musician stated.

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