Billie Eilish says she has a ‘crush’ on Jodie Comer after being asked a question by the actress

Billie Eilish has revealed that she has ‘such a crush’ on Jodie Comer. 

The Bad Guy hitmaker, 19, was quizzed by a host of stars including Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom, Mel C and Stormzy during a star-studded video shared by Vogue.

And although speaking with some of the biggest names in entertainment, it was the Killing Eve actress, 28, who left Billie gushing and having to ‘pull herself together’.

‘I have such a crush on you girl!’: Billie Eilish gushed that she has a ‘crush’ on Jodie Comer during a star-studded interview which saw the Killing Eve actress quiz her about karaoke  

Billie looked sensational during the video, rocking a pink silk dress as she lounged on the floor and answered questions from dozens of celebrities.

However the singer could not hide her excitement or surprise when Jodie popped up to ask her about her ‘go to karaoke song’.


Jodie asked: ‘As someone who personally loves karaoke, if you were doing karaoke with a group of your closest friends what would be your go to song?’

Billie gasped as she took in the fun question and declared: ‘Jodie! I have such a crush on you girl… let me pull myself together.’

Getting the answers: British star Jodie, 28, appeared on the video to ask what Billie’s go to song is, revealing she’s a big lover of karaoke

The star then considered her answer and revealed: ‘Gosh, I really love H.E.R, I feel empowered when I sing H.E.R songs or Chief Keef to be honest. I don’t know if they even have those at karaoke bars but I would request some Chief Keef.’

Billie was also asked what song she loved but didn’t get to make a video too by Missy Elliot while Justin Bieber asked if she’d prefer to have fresh socks or fresh sheets.

While her brother and musical partner Finneas questioned whether there’s any concert she has seen pictures of but can’t remember being at.

Orlando Bloom also quizzed Billie about her decision to go vegan, saying that he’s around 90 per cent plant based now.

Amazing: The surprised singer, 19, joked that she needed to ‘pull herself together’ before answering that she’d probably pick a H.E.R song or something by Chief Keef

After congratulating the actor on the birth of his daughter Daisy, Billie told him: ‘I’ve been vegan for 7 years now… I learned about the dairy and meat industry and once you know about it it’s hard to go back… 

‘And although I don’t want to tell anyone what to do but I couldn’t go back.’

Elsewhere, Melissa McCarthy told Billie that she loves her style and wanted to know if she has always been so ‘alternative’.

She asked: ‘Were you always alternative in your style? I have two daughters and I love that you’ve shown them you present yourself in how you want to be seen…’

Billie told her: ‘I am who I am and I try really hard to not let any thoughts of what should I look like, or be like, because sometimes I find myself thinking “what is this person going to think?” then I catch myself.

Transformation: It comes after Billie revealed that she feels ‘more like a woman’ with her new blonde hair. The star had long been known for her black and neon green tresses, but secretly dyed her hair blonde over six weeks, before sharing the new look in March (right)

Covered up: Traditionally, the singer has been known for her oversized, baggy style clothes

‘I don’t have to worry, I am me and the only person I have to make happy… I’m the only person who has to like me and what I wear and what I say. 

‘And I’ve tried to keep that close to me.’  

It comes after Billie revealed that she feels ‘more like a woman’ with her new blonde hair as she detailed her transformation in a stunning British Vogue covershoot.

The star admitted she was ready for her new look ‘to suck’ after keeping it a secret from her fans for months, but said it’s given her new lease of life.

Billie looked worlds away from her androgynous style as she channelled Hollywood superstar Marilyn Monroe in a pink corset and suspenders for the shoot, as she went onto discuss her haunting single Your Power.

Discussing her new blonde hair, Billie confessed she was ‘ready for it to suck’ but it’s actually been the perfect transformation. 

She said: ‘I feel more like a woman, somehow.’ 

Having long been an advocate of confidence, Billie also vowed to clear up any misconceptions as she felt her intent has been formed ‘lot of weird miscommunications.’ 

She added: ‘It’s all about what makes you feel good. If you want to get surgery, go get surgery. If you want to wear a dress that somebody thinks that you look too big wearing, f**k it – if you feel like you look good, you look good.’

Billie recently unveiled the video of her newest single Your Power, which highlights the subjects of sexual abuse, coercion and control, and told the publication it’s a message to the viewer to consider their perceptions of women based on their looks. 

Billie, who said she rekindled her love for music in lockdown, added that she hopes by taking a statement on her own beliefs she hopes to maintain control over her own narrative.

The star continued: ‘It’s about taking that power back, showing it off and not taking advantage with it. I’m not letting myself be owned anymore.’

Candid: Billie, who said she rekindled her love for music in lockdown, added that she hopes by taking a statement on her own beliefs she hopes to maintain control over her own narrative

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