Britney Spears’ ex Jason Alexander ‘threatened to break woman’s neck’ before stalking guilty plea

The stalking victim of Britney Spears’ ex-husband Jason Alexander told police that he had threatened to snap her neck before recently pleading guilty to stalking.

The 40-year-old allegedly threatened the woman – who is identified as Lisa – that he would break her neck and one of a male friend last January according to legal documents obtained by TMZ. 

She also claimed that Alexander had approached the same male pal in July and threatened to snap his neck again if he did not stop texting Lisa.


As if that wasn’t already enough Lisa filed another report in October as she alleges Jason had come on her property in Tennessee after being told he was not welcome there as it was claimed that he admitted to following her home while insisting that he was there to make sure that she had arrived home safely.

The latest: The stalking victim of Britney Spears ‘ ex-husband Jason Alexander told police that he had threatened to snap her neck before recently pleading guilty to stalking. The singer was snapped in LA in 2019 

Lastly according to the documents, Jason had returned to her property in December and got into an argument with her. 

Unlike the previous incident, Lisa called the cops but he fled before they arrived.


Jason had been charged with violation of a protective order and aggravated stalking on December 30 and eventually plead guilty to misdemeanor stalking last week and is currently on probation according to TMZ.

The protective order was issued on December 10 which barred Alexander from contacting the victims.

Alexander was seen in a mug shot last August after he was arrested at an airport in Nashville accused of trespassing into an area deemed ‘non-secure’ by the TSA

However, the publication’s documents say that he had emailed her on Christmas and even bought brought presents to the Franklin Police Department to give to she and her child on his behalf which violated the protective order.

He was then arrested on December 30 in connection with violating a restraining order and aggravated stalking.

Alexander was let out of Franklin, Tennessee’s Williamson County Jail on Tuesday, January 4 authorities confirmed to Us Weekly.

Alexander’s bond had been set at $30,000, and he’s slated to appear in court February 17 to answer to the charges. Authorities did not say who Alexander was accused of stalking at the time.

Alexander is dealing with multiple open cases after he was arrested twice last year.

In January of 2021, Alexander was taken into custody in Nashville in connection with driving under the influence, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and possession or casual exchange of a controlled substance.

In August, Alexander was taken into custody at an airport in Nashville accused of trespassing into an area deemed ‘non-secure’ by the TSA.

Alexander was in the headlines in January of 2004 after he wed the Lucky singer at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas chapel in a marriage that was annulled less than three days later – 55 hours, to be exact.

Spears was seen in an Instagram post on Tuesday donning flowers in her hair 

Spears, 40, and Alexander knew one another from childhood in Kentwood, Louisiana, and she had flown him to Las Vegas for New Year’s celebrations.

Alexander, speaking with ABC News in February of 2012, said that it was the Grammy-winner’s idea to tie the knot in Sin City.

‘She just came out and asked me,’ he said. ‘She was like, ‘Well, let’s get married.’ And I was like, ‘Sure. You know, let’s do this.”

Alexander last July appeared on the podcast Toxic: The Britney Spears Story, and said that Spears’ team had persuaded him to annul the marriage.

‘They told me if I would sign the contracts – the annulment – they would let me and Britney continue our relationship, and if we felt the same way in six months they would give us a proper marriage,’ he said. ‘So I had no reason to believe otherwise. I thought that’s what the truth was. 

‘They were allowing Britney and I to still have phone communication. So we were talking every day and I still believed the story I was told, that they were going to let us continue to talk and then we would have this marriage … in the future if we felt the same way.’

Alexander said that the phone number he had for Spears had changed a month afterward, and he didn’t have a way to get in touch with her.

Spears was subsequently married to Kevin Federline from 2004 until 2007, and the pair share two teenage sons, Preston Federline, 16, and Jayden James, 15.

She is currently engaged to actor-fitness professional Sam Asghari.

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