Britney Spears says she wants to go St. Tropez with Cher and have a ‘six pack like J-Lo’

Britney Spears is feeling ‘hopeful’ looking ahead to the future amid her ongoing conservatorship battle that has been in place for the past 11 years.

On Thursday, the 39-year-old pop star posted a video to her Instagram of her dancing at home, alongside a very long and wide-ranging caption to her 32.2million followers hinting about her plans for the future. 

The mother-of-two wrote about being able to drive again, wanting to travel to Saint-Tropez with pop legend Cher, and ‘having a six pack like J-Lo’ as the video showed her in dance work-out mode.  

Tasting her freedom: Britney Spears says she wants to go St. Tropez with Cher and have a ‘six pack like J-Lo’ as she dances around in new video amid conservatorship battle

Earlier, this week Britney stated that she is ‘not even close’ to revealing the full extent of what she has endured under her conservatorship, that has seen father Jamie Spears take control of her estimated $60million fortune. 


Taking to her Instagram account on Tuesday to post a graphic that read ‘one day at a time’ the Toxic singer said she won’t be able to ‘fully move on’ until she’s fully told her side of the story. 

Following on from that post on Thursday, the Toxic singer appeared to be an upbeat mood as she told fans about buying herself new sneakers to dance around in. 

Making plans: Britney posted a very long and wide-ranging caption to her 32.2million followers hinting about plans for the future on Thursday

Freedom dance: The 39-year-old pop star posted a video to her Instagram of her dancing at home

New dancing shoes: Britney told fans she had ordered new sneakers online for dancing 

‘So what do you guys do to keep your dreams alive ????’ Spears kicked off the caption, adding: ‘Just curious cause at this point I’m not sure it’s a good idea to listen to advice from some people.’

She then explained about how she was in need of new tennis shoes, and while her assistants told her to see what she could find in her closet, Spears ordered a new selection online.

‘I’m not gonna stop buying tennis shoes and heels ever!!!!’ she wrote. ‘I’m not gonna settle and considering the other day I said I feel like I’m just getting here… THAT’S AN UNDERSTATEMENT !!!! It’s been a while since I drove alone and well let’s just say it’s a DIFFERENT BALLGAME.’

Real talk: Britney has been telling it like it is on her Instagram page recently 

Work out mode: The Toxic star is known for her freestyle dance routines in Instagram video 

The star appeared to be hinting about her quest for freedom that she has been granted her own lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, who is taking over from court-appointed Samuel Ingham.

Elsewhere in the fun post, Spears mentioned both Cher and Jennifer Lopez, when dreaming about the future.

‘Maybe I’ll just be nice and plant here and keep my dreams alive by thinking about visiting St. Tropez with @cher and eating ice cream… She was one of my favorite singers as a kid and I loved to dress up as her,’ she wrote, adding: ‘and thinking about having a six pack like @jlo … Lord she’s so inspiring in her new video.’

‘I’m not even close!’ Britney, 39, said  she’ll never be able to ‘let go and fully move on’ from conservatorship battle until she’s revealed full extent of her ordeal

In her bombshell testimonial last month, Spears claimed that the conservatorship has prevented her from getting married to boyfriend Sam Asghari, who she has been dating since 2016, and also having a baby with him. 

The star – who shares sons sons Sean, 15, and Jayden, 14, with ex-husband Kevin Federline – alleged how her father has controlled every aspect of her life including forcing her to have birth control implants to prevent her having anymore children. 

Over the weekend, a spat between Britney and her sister emerged, when Jamie Lynn took to Instagram to share selfies with the caption: ‘May the peace of the Lord be with you, and your spirit’ – however she later deleted the message. 

Spat? Fans have speculated about a rift between Britney and her sister Jamie Lynn Spears (Pictured together in 2017) 

Wish for happiness: Britney has stated that she wants to move on with her life, with her boyfriend Sam Asghari by her side (Pictured together in 2019) 

When she’d posted the religious message, Britney shared a dancing video with the caption: ‘May the Lord wrap your mean a*s up in joy today… this is Bad Guy part 2 … same song new dance… if you don’t like it … don’t watch it!!!!!’ 

The social media snipes come amid Britney’s ongoing battle to have her father removed as her conservator after having every aspect of her life controlled by Jamie Spears for 13 years, with the controversial court case ongoing. 

On Sunday, Jamie appeared to attempt to shake off any drama with sister she shared snaps in a sexy red suit while preaching about the ‘peace of the Lord,’ despite being publicly called out by the Toxic singer in a recent July 17 Instagram post.

Britney took aim in an expletive-filled post with a graphic that read: ‘Kiss my a**, eat s**t and step on legos,’ where she slammed her younger sister again, after accusing the teen star of speaking about the conservatorship to ‘save face.’

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