Bruno Fernandes warned he is setting bad example to Mason Greenwood at Man Utd

Bruno Fernandes has been warned about the example he sets to Mason Greenwood
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"Obviously we're not privy to what's going on in the dressing room, but there is a lot of noise around Manchester United at the moment," Hutton told Football Insider.

"It's not good. I'm hearing about things behind the scenes and that the dressing room isn't happy. The biggest thing for me, from the outside looking in, is the body language of some of the players.

"You can be going through a slump, which is fine, but you're still tackling, you're still running about the pitch.

"Bruno Fernandes for one, a fantastic player, been excellent since he's come to the club.

"He's throwing his hands up in the air, blaming other people. This is the guy that these youngsters, like Greenwood, would look towards to really help them moving forward."

This is not the first time Fernandes has been accused of having poor body language in the press, as former United assistant manager Steve McClaren raised similar concerns last season.

"I've been watching Bruno Fernandes and he's disappointed," McClaren told talkSPORT during the goalless draw with Chelsea in October 2020. "He's disappointed because he's been taken out of the middle and he's out on the right-hand side.

Bruno Fernandes' body language also came under fire last season
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"I saw it last week against Newcastle, when he went out wide, and I'm seeing it again now. His body language is not good, he's not getting involved.

"He needs to be in the game and on that right-hand side he's not moving from there, he's got to move from there, he's got to get his head up and get back into the game and affect the game.

"At the moment he's just standing out on the right and he's making it very easy for [Chelsea left-back] Ben Chilwell."