Carol Vorderman’s strict routine that keeps her looking amazing at 60

Two from the top please, Carol

The mum-of-two starts the day with a coffee, but unlike the rest of us, she doesn’t add milk or sugar – but butter. She revealed this quirky touch on Instagram, sharing with her followers the secret ingredient that helps with weight loss.

She wrote: ‘So lots of you asking why butter in my coffee. Answer is I'm intermittent fasting #HUGEhealthBenefits and 1/2 teaspoon in black coffee is a GAME CHANGER.”

It’s thought that the fat in butter slows down digestion and helps you feel full if you are on a fasting diet. Carol also revealed that her ordinary breakfast is a simple cup of tea plus a Ryvita with butter and marmalade.

According to another diet book by Carol, Eat Yourself Clever, you can actually improve your intelligence with what you have for lunch. So she ditches starchy sandwiches or fast food and prefers to have something like a Nicoise salad, full of eggs, tuna and leafy green vegetables.

The eggs provide the protein to give her a sense of fullness, the fish is a valuable source of brain-boosting omega-3, while the leaves are a healthy addition to a balanced diet. She finishes off her midday meal with a yoghurt, full of bone-building calcium. It also has protein to keep her satisfied until dinnertime.

That gravity-defying bottom is the result of years of working out
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Time is not running out for her hourglass figure
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The last meal of the day doesn’t need to be a joyless affair.

Recently Carol posted a picture of moules mariniere that she’d home-made.

This is a lavish French dish made with mussels, which contain omega-3 plus other nutrients for a healthy heart. She smothered them in cream, garlic, butter and shallots.

Carol wore a bikini in the recent hot spell
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When the Pride of Britain Awards host went through the menopause, she started taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which helps prevent the hot flushes, mood swings, anxiety and brain fog associated with the change of life for women.

On the plus side, she reported that HRT gave her back her energy and stepped up her sex drive. Another side-effect of menopause is often an increase in bust size, which may explain Carol’s bikini-busting 32Ds.

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