Carole Baskin will investigate the former zoo of Tiger King’s Joe Exotic in new Discovery+ series

Carole Baskin will be back for more after Tiger King made her a sensation as she investigates her old nemesis Joe Exotic.

The 60-year-old animal rights activist will be looking into the treatment of the rare animals at Exotic’s former zoo in her upcoming docuseries Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight, The Hollywood Reporter revealed on Thursday.

According to its network Discovery+, Baskin and her husband Howard will ‘get their hands dirty and investigate the treatment of big cats, often coming into direct confrontations with dangerous operators.’


Back for more: Carole Baskin, 60, will play off her Tiger King fame as she investigates Joe Exotic’s old zoo in her Discovery+ series Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Baskin became a household name after the Netflix docuseries Tiger King was released in the early days of the pandemic last year.

It detailed the salacious behavior of the zookeeper Joseph Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic, who operated the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, which featured a bevy of big cats.


His reign as one of the premiere big cat breeders in the US came to an end in 2018 when he left the zoo, and in 2019 he was convicted of multiple animal abuse charges and two counts of attempted murder-for-hire for his attempts to have Baskin killed.

Now, Baskin will be working with Joe Exotic’s niece Chealsi, who was an employee at the zoo and worked in close proximity to her uncle when she was younger.

The star: Baskin became a household name after she was featured in Netflix’s docuseries Tiger King, which focused on the salacious life of zookeeper Joe Exotic

Dramatic: Exotic was eventually convicted and imprisoned for multiple animal abuse counts and two charges of attempted murder-for-hire for trying to have Baskin killed

Baskin will use Chealsi’s inside knowledge to try to find the remains of animals to use as evidence of Exotic’s potential abuse.

The animal rights activist will also be expanding her scope beyond the G. W. Zoo to search for evidence of illegal zoo tours.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, one investigation into a shady roadside zoo will lead the production to a confrontation with a drug dealer in Miami.

Carole, who began breeding and rescuing cats when she was in her late teens, but her Tiger King fame is partially due to more salacious rumors that the docuseries delved into that alleged she was somehow involved in the disappearance of her second husband Don Lewis, who was declared legally dead in 2002.

Finding the dirt: Baskin will work with Exotic’s niece Chealsi to try to find the remains of animals to use as evidence of Exotic’s potential abuse

Criminal behavior: She’ll also investigate other zoos, with one location leading her and the crew to a drug dealer in Miami

In the thick of it: A teaser trailer shows her investigations and footage of abandoned zoo cages

Fighting: There’s also what appears to be a physical confrontation with a group of men

Baskin has strenuously denied any connection to his disappearance in 1997, and she has criticized Tiger King for making her appear to be a villain.

‘This is a unique opportunity for audiences to come behind the scenes with us for an unfiltered look at how we expose the cub-petting exploiters and roadside zoos we feel are mistreating animals,’ Baskin said after the series announcement. 

‘This is our real-life work within a dangerous world, and viewers will see it comes with our people being threatened, guns pointed at us and the bad guys shooting at our drones.’

In the teaser trailer, she criticizes the focus of Tiger King on Joe Exotic’s more extreme behavior, rather than just his treatment of the animals at his zoo.

‘We were told Tiger King was a documentary about the abuse of wild animals. it turned out to be a reality TV show at best,’ Baskin says in the opening narration over footage of Exotic.

The clip includes some brief footage of investigators going over what appear to be abandoned zoo cages, and a confrontation with men outdoor is scene.

There’s also a quick shot of what appears to be a car crash filmed from inside the vehicle just after the confrontation, and a man is then seen with tendrils of blood dripping from his scalp.

‘These people are known to be violent,’ says Carole’s husband Howard Baskin.

Professional help: Baskin is seen with an investigator who helps her look into shady roadside zoos and illegal zoo tours

Dangerous: One scene shows what appears to be a car crash, and a man is then shown with tendrils of blood oozing from a scalp wound

‘You’re abusing big cats? I’m coming for you,’ Baskin says in the teaser’s final moments. 

Viewers can expected to see ‘a very different side’ of Baskin, Discovery+ said in a statement.

‘Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight reveals Carole’s story in her own words,’ said Amy Introcaso-Davis, the executive vice president of development and production for factual programming at the network. ‘Viewers will see this larger than life personality in the fight for her beloved big cat’s lives as she uncovers and stops the exploitation of these animals.’

The series will debut on Discovery+ on November 13. 

Baskin, who recently competed on Dancing With The Stars, will also be back in the spotlight when Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon plays her in the Peacock series Joe Exotic, while Twin Peaks’ Kyle MacLachlan will play her husband Howard.

Fighting words: ‘You’re abusing big cats? I’m coming for you,’ Baskin says in the teaser’s final moments. Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight premieres on Discovery+ on November 13

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