Charles Drury jokes about ‘quick holiday’ with tanning snap after Lauren Goodger split

Charles Drury posted a photo in a tanning salon


Lauren and Charles confirmed their relationship in October 2020

"Things must remain civil for the sake of our daughter. Lauren is a great mum so when it comes to Larose we both have her best interests at heart so she will still see us both.

"I’d appreciate if people could stop making themselves busy & putting their 2 pence in as no drama is needed round here."

He posted the confirmation not long after Lauren had told her followers that Larose had been in hospital for three days.

Lauren posted her own statement regarding their split as she didn't seem happy that Charles had announced it while their child was unwell.

She wrote: "I apologise for Charlie talking about our relationship status right now as our daughter is very ill and this is the least of my worries. I do not wish to comment on the situation at this time as there is much more to it but my priority is getting my daughter better."

Baby Larose was in hospital for three days

Charles announced the couple's split last week

She added: "So if any press want to run stories please run them about my baby girl which is the most important thing to me right now shame I can't say that about others."

However, it seems that the pair actually split up weeks ago but have only just confirmed it.

A source told OK! : "Lauren and Charles split weeks ago. They weren’t compatible any more. She’s really stressed as Larose is in hospital with a severe illness. She didn’t expect him to announce the split while she’s going through this really difficult period.

"He’s had weeks to do this – why has he done this now?"

During Larose's hospital stay it seems that Charles and Lauren have been taking turns to stay with their daughter.

Larose is said to now be on 'the mend'

Lauren and Charles seem to be co-parenting

The source added: "It’s been such a scary time for Lauren. Her priority is Larose and making sure she gets better and out of hospital as quickly as possible."

Baby Larose was born in July of this year after the couple only just confirmed their relationship October 2020.

When their daughter was born, Lauren described her as the 'best thing' that had happened to the couple and the baby was 'perfect'.

It is not known exactly when Charles and Lauren decided to call it quits on their romance.