Chris Ramsey horrified as wife Rosie says best days of her life were before their marriage

Rosie said the best days of her life were before her marriage to husband Chris
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Rosie joked she was living her best life before meeting Chris
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"Steph could drive and I couldn't, so she used to pick me up and we'd get a McDonalds and sweets and it was honestly some of the best days of my life."

Horrified by his wife's statement, Chris insisted that he was sick and tired of Rosie saying that her life was more enjoyable before she knew him.

The podcast star jokingly hit back: "Will you stop saying that!

"Right. My long-running beef with you is that you say that some really sh**e things are the best days of your life when you currently have two beautiful children with me.

The couple share sons, Robin, 5, and Rafe, one, together
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"And you're doing quite well, and you've got a few quid in your bank, but you turn around and say things like that.

"Honestly. It's so offensive," he added.

Despite her husband's reaction, Rosie continued to add fuel to the fire after her harsh confession.

"I'm currently living the worst days of my life," she laughed.

Chris and Rosie have ruled out having more kids anytime soon
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Chris Ramsey became a dad for the second time last year
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"Sorry, forgive us for living the life when I was 17. Being care-free and not giving a sh** about anything. It was class, absolutely class."

The hilarious lovebirds quickly got over their little spat however as they went on to discuss whether or not they'll have more children in the future.

Chris and Rosie are already proud parents to sons Robin, five, and Rafe, one.

During their 150th podcast episode, Rosie admitted that she would love to have more children, with four being her perfect number.

Rosie doesn't want to be pregnant again any time soon
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Strictly’s Chris Ramsey and wife Rosie announced their second child in baby bombshell post in 2020
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But the star has ruled out more kids for now due to the fact she can't stand the thoughts of being pregnant again.

"I would love to have more kids," Rosie insisted.

"I've always wanted a big family. But I really don't want to be pregnant again to be honest. It was horrible."