CHRIS SUTTON: The plan to solve dementia in football is being hampered by endless delays

Within the plan they talk about this being a priority. I’m sorry, but this was a priority a year ago and that stuck in my throat.

We could have been here quicker. Sometimes it’s like The People’s Front of Judea — meetings about meetings about meetings. 

They talk of workshops and education for players — how long does it take to draw up a plan?


The Premier League have been trialling permanent concussion subs since February


It could have been done in a day and it’s taken a year. It’s encouraging, but will we be here in another year saying it’s encouraging? There’s not the urgency that’s required.

As far as concussion subs go, there’s no need for a trial. They will bring them in eventually. It’s just all too slow.

It’s good that they are putting more money into research and studies. This should have happened a long time ago and Dr Willie Stewart appears to be the leading light in all this so that seems to be a massive positive.

Dementia in football and other sports is years away from recognition as an industrial disease

Formally recognising brain disease would allow former professionals to claim injuries benefit

As always, actions speak louder than words. 

At the moment we still have families that need help now, not after a six-month survey about a care fund, and we still have grassroots coaches who aren’t aware of the limits on heading.

People are in the dark and it’s the FA’s responsibility to deal with that. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.