Comedian Mick Molloy is spotted at the footy with a mystery blonde

Comedian Mick Molloy has a new love, but he’s not about to spill the details.

The star of Channel Nine’s The Front Bar has been seen around his hometown of Melbourne with a ‘mystery blonde’.

And according to the Herald Sun, Mick, 55, is smitten and has been dating the tall stunner for some months.


Good times: Mick Molloy has a new romance with a ‘mystery’ blonde to go with his new career as a publican Pictured: Mick behind the bar of the Railway Hotel, Brunswick in Melbourne, which the radio star re-opened in January after buying the pub last year

Mick declined to comment when contacted by the publication.

The Crackerjack star was photographed with his attractive partner at a recent AFL football match.


The couple were seen standing close together, sharing a beer and both wearing scarves sporting the colours of Mick’s favourite footy team, Richmond.

The news comes after Mick has made a dramatic change in his career.

In October last year, the comedy and TV veteran told fans he would leave his gig at Triple M after 11 years on air.

The famously cheeky radio star later explained he lost his passion for the platform.   

Leaving home: Comedian Mick Molloy (pictured) is set to part ways with Triple M after 11 years. The Crackerjack star, 55, made a statement on Wednesday revealing he was moving on

‘Eleven years is longer than I’ve stayed anywhere at anytime,’ Molloy told The Herald Sun the following month.

‘There’s just a point when you know. You get up, you go to work, and you think I’m not as fired up about it as I used to be. 

‘It’s a big decision and not one I took lightly. But I thought it was time to do something else, and take on some new challenges.’    

Career funnyman: Mick and former comedy-pal Tony Martin pictured in 2003

Mick, who co-hosts Channel 7’s The Front Bar, told the publication that in between his TV commitments and his role as a dad to nine-year-old twin boys Fred and Lenny also impacted his choice. 

The comments come after Mick revealed he bought the Railway Hotel in Melbourne’s Brunswick.

Speaking to The Herald Sun, in November, he said that he’s keen to use the establishment for comedy shows and other forms of entertainment.  

‘A pub, to me, is a meeting place,’ he told the publication.

Purchased: Mick recently bought the Railway Hotel in Melbourne’s Brunswick (pictured) 

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