Conor McGregor fans worried about UFC star over social media post

Conor McGregor told there are different rules for him than every other UFC fighter

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"We’d have a war and I’d win, knock the guy out and then I’d go off and celebrate, and then I’d come back in three days."

McGregor could incredibly return to action in a title fight with lightweight champion Charles Oliveira despite losing twice to Dustin Poirier last year.


Former UFC light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier believes fighting for the belt in his first bout back would annoy a lot of fighters, but says he "can see a world where it happens".

"Honestly, I really do believe that there are different rules in regards to Conor," Cormier told The Schmo.

"And people might not like it, people may hate it but if he is healthy and he starts to chirp and Oliveira is chirping back at him and there is fan interest, I can see a world where it happens.

"But again it would make so many people upset – ultimately a lot of times it comes down to dollars and cents."

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