EastEnders’ Maisie Smith ‘spends night at co-star Zack Morris’s home’

EastEnders’ Maisie Smith reportedly spent the night at her co-star Zack Morris’ home after a recent cinema date as their new romance heats up.  

The pair, who play married couple Tiffany Butcher and Keegan Baker on the BBC soap, were seen heading into his flat together and leaving separately the next morning, according to The Sun. 

In pictures obtained by the publication, the actress, 20, and her rumoured beau, 22, were seen leaving a cinema in Essex before returning to his house in his Mercedes.


Romance?: EastEnders’ Maisie Smith reportedly spent the night at her co-star Zack Morris’s home after a recent cinema date as their new romance heats up (pictured 2019)

They then report that the next morning he left in his car while Maisie left the flat to pick up some food from the supermarket before driving away in her car.   

An onlooker told the newspaper: ‘They seemed to be a couple but they were looking around to check who might have seen them together.


‘Perhaps they didn’t want anyone to think they were boyfriend-girlfriend but she went into his flat with him. It was quite late.’

‘They were trying not to be seen too closely together, and one was either wearing a mask or had a hood up the whole time, but they still looked very much like a couple and people at the cinema complex definitely noticed them.’ 

Steamy: Their characters Tiffany Butcher and Keegan Butcher-Baker are in a relationship on the soap (pictured) 

Representatives for Maisie and Zack have been approached by MailOnline for a comment.      

It comes after it was reported that Zack’s ex-girlfriend felt that Maisie was the ‘other woman’ in their relationship before they split.

Make-up artist Brooke told her close friends that there were three people in her relationship as Maisie was a ‘big flirt’ even when they were together.  

Brooke Maskell, 21, dated Zack for 18 months before splitting in December 2019. The EastEnders star was then spotted with Maisie just two months later.  

On-screen lovers: They take on the role of husband-and-wife on EastEnders (pictured in character)

Brooke’s close friend told The Sun: ‘Brooke always felt Maisie was the other woman in their relationship as she was a big flirt. 

‘She often says now, ‘There were three of us in that relationship’. She’s not at all surprised to see they’re together now.’ 

The insider explained that Maisie never spoke to Brooke and ignored her at parties despite her becoming a big presence in their lives when her character was given a romantic storyline with Zack’s. 

‘Maisie was always there in the background. And of course when everyone was talking about Maisie and Zack’s on-screen relationship it wasn’t nice for Brooke,’ he friend revealed. 

MailOnline contacted Zack’s representatives for comment at the time.  

Brooke and Zack’s relationship broke down after they spent their final Christmas together two years ago. 

But despite their breakup, according to the source, Brooke insists that Zack was considerate of her feelings when the plot line was revealed. 

Zack’s character Keegan Baker was scripted to have a passionate teenage romance storyline with Maisie’s character Tiffany Butcher, which saw the pair elope and wed.  

It was only when Maisie didn’t make the effort to get to know her that the makeup artist began to feel uncomfortable watching them kiss on screen.   

Love triangle: It comes after Zack’s ex-girlfriend felt that Maisie was the ‘other woman’ in their relationship before they split, it was reported last Saturday (pictured with Brooke his ex) 

The insider information came after Zack and Maisie reportedly took their relationship to the next level last week when she introduced him to her family.   

A diner at Caddies in the seaside town told The Sun: ‘They didn’t seem to want to publicise they were out together and wouldn’t pose for pictures together when they arrived.

‘As they were playing golf Zack seemed totally at ease with Maisie and her family. 

‘When they sat down to have a drink, Zack had his arm around the back of Maisie’s chair. They were whispering to one another and laughing.’ 

But Zack told the publication: ‘Maisie and I are just good friends.’  

It’s not the first time the pair have been linked romantically. 

Back in November last year, a TV source revealed to MailOnline: ‘Maisie and Zack are very close off-screen, as well as being a married couple in EastEnders.  

‘They couldn’t resist showing their affections for each other, with Maisie tickling the back of Zack’s neck as the left the party’ an insider said. 

Serious: The insider information came after Maisie reportedly introduced Zack to her family last week when they were spotted playing mini golf on a group outing

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