Ed Sheeran fan convinced great aunt has been reincarnated as singer after uncanny snap

Ed Sheeran's most recent uncovered lookalike is perhaps the strangest one yet
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The student was stunned when he came across the uncanny image of his great aunt
(Image: Eduard Hromkovič / SWNS)

"It was during a family reunion a couple of years ago. There were about 200 people there. My family is pretty big and spread out over a lot of different countries," the stunned Ed Sheeran fan told Newsweek.

Eduard recalled that, as part of the family event, someone had created a 'kind of family tree' that featured 'pictures of the older generations'.

"So, I went through it, because I didn't really know all of my extended family. And there it was, the picture of my great aunt," he added.

"I had to take a second look and even asked multiple family members to check it out for themselves.

"All of them confirmed that she actually does look like Ed Sheeran."

Ed has several lookalikes
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Someone had created a 'kind of family tree' that featured 'pictures of the older generations'
(Image: Eduard Hromkovič / SWNS)

Although Eduard's great aunt is the spit of the flame-haired singer, the student doesn't believe that there's any family connection between the pair.

"Well, you never know, right? From what I know, most of our family lives and comes from Slovakia. But if you go back far enough, there is a Croatian background," he said.

"I kind of doubt there is a connection though, unfortunately."

The image went viral when Eduard shared the uncanny photo to Reddit, where it quickly stunned thousands of users who couldn't quite believe their eyes.

Fans have renamed the great aunt as 'Edna Sheeran'

"Ed Sheeran has been reincarnated! There's no doubt about it," one Reddit user quipped.

"The many faces of Ed Sheeran! This is crazy," another echoed.

A third chimed: "I always knew Ed Sheeran had great aunt energy. He seems like such a wise soul lol."

"What on earth???!!!! She literally HAS his face!!! I've seen it all now," someone else enthused.

Following the incredible discovery, Eduard's great aunt has now been branded as Edna Sheeran.