English rugby clubs to be allowed to relax coronavirus measures if they hit vaccine uptake target   

English rugby clubs will be allowed to ditch mask-wearing and social distancing if 85 per cent or more of their staff and players have two Covid vaccinations.

The announcement hopes to encourage jabs among men’s Premiership and Championship clubs and in the women’s game, as restrictions ease.

From Monday if a club is 85 per cent vaccinated they can relax Covid measures at matches and training, although if they play a side that is not at that level the old stricter rules, like wearing masks and distancing, will apply. 


English rugby clubs can relax Covid measures if 85 per cent of players and staff are vaccinated

The announcement hopes to encourage jabs among Premiership and Championship clubs 


Clubs will still conduct at least two lateral flow tests a week, to catch any spread of the virus, and if a game has to be cancelled the allocation of two league points to the team ‘at fault’ and four to their opponents will still apply in the Premiership this coming season.

Bristol chairman Chris Booy, chair of the Professional Game Board who announce this change, said: ‘It is still a personal choice as to whether you receive a vaccination, but we want to strongly encourage as many players and staff as possible to be vaccinated so that we can proactively contribute as much as possible to the safety of our wider communities and of our players, staff and supporters.’

The RFU and Premiership would not say how many clubs were close to or over the 85 per cent threshold.

The number of RFU Premiership clubs close to or over the 85 per cent threshold is not known