Erin McGregor says she suffered panic attacks as she ‘grieved’ son Harry’s sensory condition

Erin McGregor
(Image: Instagram/ Erin McGregor)


"Harry was nice and safe and calm. He loved it."

She said she's only now coming out of the "pure grief" stage and "shock" of Harry's diagnosis.

"I've never actually said what it was out loud, for the word that it is. But I have started opening a little bit more on Instagram."

Erin started to tear up as she said: "It was a very lonely time, it was a very dark time when you're stuck in grief and you don't really know what's happening around you.

"Sorry, I wasn't expecting to talk about all of that. For me to open up on Instagram, it was a place for people to know that they weren't alone in their grief."

Erin McGregor and her son Harry
(Image: Instagram/ Erin McGregor)

She added: "Or they weren't alone on issues and maybe to make other people aware at home that there are parents out there that do find things a little bit different and difficult around Christmas, around pantos.

"Things are a little bit different in my family life so that's why I started opening up. You don't have to be scared to talk about things that are hurting."

She shared that people told her she was grieving as she experienced different mental and physical symptoms.

"Panic attacks were happening quite a lot and I think it can be grief for a life you thought you might had and then you don't have."

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