Ex-footballer Vinnie Jones’ wife left £150k when she died but did not make will

Tanya didn't write a will despite £150k fortune
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Tanya died in 2019 after a battle with cancer
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In his book, Lost Without You Vinnie opened up about his and Tanya's relationship and when he lost her.

Speaking about his wife's death, the 56 year old said: "I don't believe you ever move on, but I think my life will improve.

"The tiredness will ease."

The star was honest about talking to a psychologist about Tanya.

He said he would '100%' recommend going to see a psychologist.

The couple were married for 25 years

Vinnie added: "You're not lying down on a couch as if you're some lunatic or serial killer.

"Blokes don't want to talk about it. They'll talk about the girl they slept with last night but won't go and talk to a doctor about how they're feeling."

Vinnie appeared on Piers Morgan's Life Stories last year when he admitted he won't be getting married again as he described his relationship with Tanya as 'the perfect one'.

He said: "I think that's an impossible question to answer but if you asked me if I would get married again that would be an impossibility, she wouldn't want that.

"There won't be another marriage Piers I can tell you that. It was the perfect one and done for me."

The football legend opened up about how he still speaks to his wife after her passing.

The pair met when they were just 12 and 13
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He told the Daily Star : "Every morning, I get up, make my bed and have a little chat with Tan about what I’m doing and how much I miss her. Even now it’s one day at a time."

Vinnie has since moved out of the home he shared with Tanya and now lives closer to a gold club in Toluca Lake where a lot of his friends are too.

He has said before that he often copes with his wife's death with the help of his friends.

Vinnie went on a break to Canada along with his friends where they went fishing and were able to talk.

He described it as 'a nice environment to be in' as they were able to give him some advice.