Fans say Machine Gun Kelly’s engagement ring to Megan Fox is a ‘huge red flag’

The ring designed by Kelly and Stephen Webster
(Image: Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram)


The pair celebrated by drinking each other's blood

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“It’s a thoroughbred Colombian emerald, with no treatment. It was just carved into the teardrop, straight out of the mine,” he told Vogue.

Explaining the concept of the ring, he said it actually comes apart to make two separate pieces of jewellery, as it’s connected by a magnet.

But if Megan ever tries to take it off, he said she'll find herself in pain.

“And you see this right here? The bands are actually thorns. So if she tries to take it off, it hurts,” Kelly shared, as he quipped: “Love is pain!”

However, fans on social media have shown concern at his thought process, with many saying it was a "red flag".

One person said: "I'm genuinely worried about Megan Fox. I realise this relationship is cringe but it's also one huge red flag."

Another wrote: "Why not design the ring to look like an actual red flag?"

A third commented: "I don’t know what young MGK or Megan Fox fan needs to hear this, but love isn’t supposed to hurt.

"Your partner is absolutely not supposed to hurt you on purpose. If any boy ever tries to put a ring on your finger that hurt to take off, run."

Someone else said: "I hate celebrity gossip. But MGK designing Megan Fox’s engagement ring to physically hurt her if she tries to take it off is the most toxic s**t I’ve seen lately."

But others thought there was nothing to worry about, and it was 'on brand' for the couple.

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