FIFA president Gianni Infantino keen to see Israel and Palestine hold JOINT World Cup in future

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has talked up the possibility of a remarkable future World Cup held in Israel and Palestine, despite the enduring and bloody violence in the region.

Infantino is currently making his first official visit to Israel in his current role, and the suggestion comes just weeks after Arsene Wenger revealed plans to hold the tournament every two years, rather than its current four-year cycle.

Despite the plans being widely condemned by fans and the media, it has opened up the possibility for many more countries to hold the World Cup, and Infantino has now raised perhaps the most remarkable suggestion so far. 


Gianni Infantino has raised the possibility of a remarkable Israel-Palestine joint World Cup

A Palestinian protester throws a burning projectile towards Israeli forces back in June

Palestinian demonstrator returns tear gas canister fired by Israeli forces during demonstration


‘Why can’t we dream of the World Cup in Israel and its neighbours?’ he said on Wednesday at the opening of The Friedman Center for Peace through Strength.

‘With the Abraham Accords, why should we not do it here in Israel with her neighbours in the Middle East and the Palestinians?’

The Abraham Accords are a set of joint statements first signed at the White House last September, with the leaders of Israel, the UAE and Bahrain all signing them.

Arsene Wenger (centre) has brought forward a plan to hold the World Cup every two years

A Palestinian man sits on the rubble of a building destroyed by Israeli air strikes in May 2021

Palestinian protesters lift national flags as they burn tyres during a demonstration east of Gaza

A month later, Israel and Sudan announced they would normalise relations, and in December Morocco established diplomatic ties with Israel.   

Earlier this week, senior US State Department officials said that they hoped restoring such ties could be leveraged to advance process on the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.

That said, earlier this week Palestine cancelled a meeting with FIFA president Infantino after he attended events in Israel.