Frank Lampard responds to Chelsea transfer theory after £212m summer spending spree

Frank Lampard was sacked in January 2021 after 18 months in charge of Chelsea
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German duo Havertz and Werner found it especially difficult to acclimatise to Premier League, and their poor form is viewed as one of the main reasons Lampard was sacked in January 2021.

Many fans suspected the cause of Chelsea's issues boiled down to Lampard having a lack of input and authority on the process of signing players.

But in a fresh eye-opening interview, Lampard insised he sanctioned every transfer made during his tenure and he could have blocked a bid for any player he did not want.

Asked what would happen if he had tried to veto a transfer, Lampard told Sky Sports' The Overlap : "It never happened in that way.

"But I would probably have had that veto, if I'm honest. In that first year, we were transfer banned, we were having conversations about who to bring in in the summer – we obviously bought a fair few players.

"I was never out of the loop on that, it was never one where I was like, 'They did this behind my back!' I never had that because it was very open.

Kai Havertz and Timo Werner did not hit the ground running at Chelsea
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"The scouting department with Petr [Cech, technical and performance advisor]… Timo was a big one because Liverpool had wanted him, Manchester United I think were in.

"We knew there were three or four other big clubs, so when I had the conversation with Timo I knew I had to be on my game to get him to come."

Werner and Havertz managed just 10 Premier League goals between them during their debut seasons with Chelsea, but Lampard claims "adaption issues" are natural for players arriving in England.

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He added: "With Timo and Kai, there was clearly gonna be adaptation issues, and I know that from being in it because they were probably shocked at the speed of training and the physical demands of the game.

"And I think Timo and Kai had that in the early days. Kai also had terrible Covid which set him back quite a lot.

"In terms of the signings, I was happy. Ben Chilwell was a big one that I wanted, I had to try… as a left-back, I wanted a player of his qualities."