Gemma Collins takes thinly-veiled swipe at Arg as she insists ‘respectful’ Rami never puts her down

Gemma was talking to The Mirror ahead of a new partnership with Durex

"The key thing is, he respects me very much as a woman. He never puts me down, he doesn't criticise me, he doesn't judge me – he's never said a bad word."

The Diva Forever continues, stressing how "respectful" her current partner is.

"Obviously we’re ten years older now but we’ve got such a respectful relationship," she explains.

"He adores every part of me and more importantly, he respects me a lot. I wouldn’t be with him if he didn’t."

"I’m in a very, very happy relationship," she states.

Gemma praised "respectful" Rami throughout the interview

When grilled by us about if this means she's settling down and perhaps moving in with her former fiancé, Gemma again points out Rami treats her with respect.

"You know what, I'm over the moon, hun," she gushes.

"I'm delighted – this is the happiest I've ever been. Very in love."

"This person I'm with absolutely adores me and never puts me down," she continues, referring to Rami.

"He doesn't speak to me bad. I'm his Queen and we're very happy."

While Gemma doesn't discuss anyone but Rami during our chat, her instance to point out that her current boyfriend is "respectful" hints that other partners before him weren't as appreciative of her – including reality TV star Arg.

Gemma and James dated on and off for many years

The former TOWIE co-stars dated on and off for many years after meeting on the set of the ITV2 reality TV show all the way back in 2011.

During one of their splits in 2019, Gemma was reportedly the victim of the nasty side of the 33-year-old, with the budding singer allegedly subjected the blonde beauty to a stream of insulting text messages targeting her weight.

Luckily, nasty comments have never knocked the social media savvy star's self-esteem – who reveals to us she's always been "super confident in the bedroom" whether she's been "bigger or smaller".

Gemma was chatting with us as she teams up with Durex to launch a campaign to ensure everyone is prepared, physically and mentally, for a summer of sex.

As she's recently turned 40, we asked the star if sex differs as you age – and how romantic romps in your forties compare to her younger escapades.

Gemma was full of confidence tips throughout the interview

"I think you enjoy it [sex] more," she answers us.

"When you're young, it's fabulous and fun but there is all different types of sex, isn't there?"

"When you love someone, you make love to them, don't you?" she continues.

"I mean, not every single day, sometimes you might fancy something else. Sometimes you might fancy a quickie, sometimes you have hours – it all depends on the situation."

So has sex improved for Gemma as time has passed?

"As i've got older, I'm more sure about what I like," the 40-year-old explains to us.

"I've always been body confident but yeah, if I'm giving my body to someone, they're lucky and that goes for everyone – if you're giving yourself to someone, it's there to be enjoyed as long as you stay safe," she wisely proclaims.

Durex, Gemma Collins, Ollie Locke-Locke and Alix Fox have created ‘ The Roadmap to Sexual Satisfaction’ ensuring you are fully prepared emotionally, physically and with the best fitting condoms to reconnect this summer.

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