Gino D’ACampo leaves daughter in tears as he surprises her with adorable sausage dog

Gino D'Acampo delighted his daughter by buying a puppy
(Image: Instagram)


Uploading the footage to Instagram, Gino captured the moment: “Everyone meet Snoop D’Acampo…. @lucidacampo @roccodacampo” – along with a dog emoji and a sunglasses-wearing face emoji.

In the footage, Gino showed his daughter sitting patiently while blindfolded as the TV chef prepared to share with her a “late Christmas present”.

As Mia removed her blindfold, she was seen exclaiming: "No you didn't! No you didn't! Oh my god!"

The young daughter then burst into tears and declared: "I love him!”

Snoop was a very welcome addition to the D'Acampo family
(Image: Instagram)

She affectionately kissed her father and continued to dote over the adorable puppy.

Gino’s video was a hit with fans, followers and even his own family – with his sons reacting as Luciano wrote in a reply: "Snoop Dog," alongside a paw print emoji.

While Gino’s other son, Rocco, added: "Snoop," alongside a heart-eyed face emoji.

Gino's daughter, Mia, was delighted by the surprise
(Image: Instagram)

Fans also got in on the adorable moment, with one writing: "Awww, you made me cry too, have lots of happy times together," while a second posted: "Welcome to the pack."

The happy family moment comes at a stressful time for Gino on the business front as reports have implied his pasta restaurant chain has gone bust.

The TV star was forced to confront reports himself earlier this month, and in a video from his kitchen, he said: “When I got back I saw a lot of c**p about my restaurant. Apparently, my restaurant had been into liquidation.

“Now, I don’t usually do stuff like this, but I thought, let me set the record straight here.

“About 10 years ago, I opened a business called Pasta Bar, which is serving Italian food very fast in the centre of London, three little shops.

“And we tried for 10 years, and then Covid came around and I thought, do you know what? We had to close.

“There was no point to pursue with the idea, which, by the way, I absolutely love and I will continue with that with another business.”

Gino recently 'set the record straight' on the state of his pasta company
(Image: iamginodacampo/instagram)

Gino explained that his Pasta Bar chain was separate from his restaurant business, which he claimed was 'thriving'.

He continued: “So the Pasta Bar business has got nothing to do with my restaurant business, with my import business, or any other business that I do, it’s a stand alone business going into liquidation.

“We have to move on, this is what business is all about – sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.”