Greg Wallace and other TV chefs reveal their top Christmas dinner tips and traditions

Gregg Wallace says that Christmas is his favourite time of year and his family go big on celebrations


Gregg and his wife Anne-Marie transform their £1million home into a winter wonderland.

Surprisingly, Gregg relishes the chance to get out of the kitchen for once and leaves the cooking to his in-laws, Rina and Massimo, who share the family home.

He also said admits his family watched Elf six times over the Christmas period last year, and that Christmas is his favourite time of the year.

“For me, Christmas is just about the warmth and being with the family,” the 59-year-old says. “That’s what I love most. It’s like one long cuddle.

Gregg's presenting pal John Torode revealed how his nana would put a ham joint in a pillowcase: “I always have a leg of ham, which sits in a pillowcase in our fridge.

Marcus Wareing says he isn't fussed about Christmas dinner and says he would rather be at home

"When I was a kid in Australia, because it was so hot, my nana would have a ham in a pillowcase."

He added that by doing that it stops the meat from drying out, and it also works with salmon.

There's a different approach in Marcus Wareing's house, as he says that he doesn't understand what all the fuss is when it comes to Christmas dinner.

"I never go to other people’s houses at Christmas because they can’t cook and it doesn’t appeal to me. I want to be in my own home, on my couch, watching TV, and drinking wine!”

John Torode still follows his nana's tradition of using a pillow case to keep meat fresh

The chefs revealed their Christmas dos and don'ts in Radio Times magazine

Marcus and Gregg are back to judge MasterChef: The Professionals Rematch Special on BBC1 this Christmas.

Joined by Monica Galetti, the trio will judge chefs from previous series as they are pitted against each other to win challenges.

As well as that, ten previously judged celebrities return for a Masterchef Christmas Cook-Off, judged by Gregg and John Torode; and – as if that wasn’t enough – there is a Champions Special, which sees five winners from the amateur series return to show how much better they’ve become since their TV triumph.