Harry Derbidge alleges ex-fiancé drunkenly attacked him and shares black eye picture

Harry Derbidge shared a trio of concerning pictures on his Instagram page
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In one of the images, a cut can be seen of the former TOWIE star's neck
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Posting to his 120,000 followers on Instagram, Harry shared three images of himself where he appears to display a bruised eye and a cut on his neck.

"This is the real story…" he began his caption on Monday.

"I was attacked in London (25/9/21) by my ex and that’s the real reason I left him… all I’ve done for the past 4 years is give everything I had to one person to end up being mentally and financially abuse …"

Harry continued: "I’ve been the most amazing fiancé and I’ve gave my ex my last dime and he’s left me with nothing…."

Harry shared the images with a lengthy caption on Monday
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The star received a mass of comments from friends and former co-stars
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Harry then goes on to claim that the alleged attack in September was due to his ex becoming "violent while under the influence of alcohol".

He wrote: "I tried to resolve the situation but it ended up turning on me… he then pulled my side bag off of me and hit me full in the face which left me with a black eye and marked my neck, this all happened in Piccadilly Circus in public and he made me so scared i had no choice but to run away from him to get to safety… "

The star then claims it took him eight hours to get home due to having no money on him.

Harry further alleged that a meeting with the police saw them ask if he would like to press charges. He claims he declined, alleddging that he was "scared and to[o] emotionally distraught."

Harry and Dean announced they had gone their separate ways in early October
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Harry first rose to fame as part of the original cast of The Only Way is Essex
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"No one should be alone in these situations and just remember we are all stronger than what we think," the Essex native wrote as he began to conclude his post.

"I’ve been treated bad by someone and from now on I’m back to me and I’m back to the Harry we all know and love… thank you and love you all."

Dean responded to Harry's claims on Instagram.

Sharing his comment on his Instagram Stories, Dean wrote: "Let's be honest with everyone, you're a compulsive liar… I didn't want you back hence why you're so bitter."

"You really need to grow up, I'll be happy to set this story straight, and we wasn't together for four years, it was three years. BYE."

Dean also went on to share a post written by influencer Faye Dickinson.

In the Instagram star's lengthy comment, Faye denied Harry's claims and wrote: "There are always two sides to a story and as always, people jumping on [the] bandwagon without knowing the full truth."

Prior to publication the Mirror has contacted representatives for Harry and Dean for comment.