Home Alone fans left fuming as trailer for controversial reboot is released

Archie Yates plays the young troublemaker in the reboot


However, this time, the criminals in the reboot are more reluctant than Home Alone’s thieving duo the Wet Bandits, played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, who terrorised Macaulay’s character while trying to ransack his family home.

But fans were bowled over by the appearance of one of Home Alone’s original stars in the trailer.

Around 45 seconds in, viewers caught a glimpse of a police officer’s name badge – reading 'McCallister' – before it was revealed as Devin Ratray, who is reprising his character as Kevin’s bully older brother Buzz.

Devin Ratray is back as Kevin's older brother Buzz

While it seems to feature more of the usual slapstick booby traps and kid-friendly stunts, fans of the original were disappointed to discover that Macaulay wasn’t making an appearance in the reboot.

The actor took to Twitter to confirm he wouldn’t be in the Disney+ movie, but said he wished “all involved the best of luck”.

Many fans took to social media to question why the trailer made the film look “dire”, despite the script being written by Saturday Night Live duo Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell.

Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney play a married couple trying to steal an heirloom

“Wait… does this Home Sweet Home Alone tagline mean they KNOW they are destroying the holiday classic Home Alone?” one irate fan wrote.

“I LOVE the Christmas elements being brought back to the franchise but damn this cast is SO weak…” another fired.

“Really should have left ‘Home Alone’ alone….That Macaulay Culkin performance was beyond epic and cannot be ‘remade’,” one viewer tweeted.

Aisling Bea plays the worried mother in the remake

Some also complained about Irish comedian Aisling’s English accent for the movie, and she later explained why it was essential for her to have the same accent as her character’s son.

“To everyone who has been wondering online why I have an English accent in the new Home Alone movie, it's because of the character’s English, she’s from England and if she’s from England and spoke with an Irish accent then that would be quite strange,” Aisling quipped.

Home Sweet Home Alone will be released on Disney+ on 12 November.