Howie Mandel drops his pants and shows off his underwear during The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Howie Mandel made quite the appearance when he dropped his pants during Tuesday’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The 65-year-old comedian, who has been featured on the program dozens of times in the past, showed up for one last televised conversation with the 63-year-old reality television personality, who is ending her series with a final season.

During the sit-down, the America’s Got Talent judge, who is known for wearing outlandish outfits on occasion, lowered his trousers and showed off his undergarments, much to the enjoyment of the audience.  


Baring it all: Howie Mandel notably dropped his pants and showed off his undergarments during Tuesday’s episode of Ellen

At the beginning of the conversation, DeGeneres pointed out that Mandel had appeared on her program numerous times in the past, stating: ‘you have been here more than any other guest we’ve ever had on this show.’

The reality television figure responded in a typically comedic fashion and told her that he would henceforth be a nuisance at her residence.


‘That just means I’m free more than anybody else…when you end this season, I’m going to drop by your house more than anybody ever has,’ he said.

The Gremlins voice actor then bared his true feelings to DeGeneres, about whom he expressed he would miss watching in the future.  

Familiar face: At the beginning of the pair’s conversation, DeGeneres pointed out that Mandel had been featured on the program ‘more than any other guest we’ve ever had on this show’

‘I want to be serious for a minute…I am so heartbroken, I think there is going to be a big void in America and on television at the end of this season,’ he said.

Mandel went on to laud the impact that the show’s host had on her viewers, many of whom admired her for her affable personality. 

‘You’ve shared so much with people…I turn you on and you make me smile. And I’m sure you do that for millions of people all over,’ he said.

The comedian expanded on his original statement and thanked her for prominently featuring him on her program over the years. 

Not mincing words: Mandel lauded the host’s affable personality and expressed that ‘there is going to be a big void in America and on television at the end of this season’

‘You share and you’re generous and you’re kind and…there’s just going to be a void. I don’t know what to say to you but you know, I love that you invited me here 40 times and this has been, always, a highlight to my week,’ he said.

Mandel then brightened the mood of the conversation by speaking about the show’s merchandise and asking its host, ‘where am I going to get my underpants, Ellen?’

When DeGeneres expressed that ‘we’ll still sell it,’ the comedian noted that he would ‘always wear your underpants,’ and promptly dropped his trousers, exposing his backside to the audience, who responded with thunderous applause.

Caught with his pants down: At one point, Mandel inquired about where he would be able to buy the show’s branded underwear and dropped his pants to show off one of his pairs

The program’s host’s first name was notably visible on the waistband of the undergarments, and she began to laugh at the comedian’s actions.

Mandel went on to address the show’s audience and bemoaned the fact that DeGeneres’ merchandise would be harder to purchase in the future. 

He said: ‘this is not a joke, people! She is leaving and I’m going to miss her, and I don’t want to go into Target and buy a three-pack!’ 

The 19th season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show premiered last month, and it will serve as the series’ final run of episodes.

One last ride: The 19th season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show will serve as the much-beloved program’s final run of episodes