I’m A Celeb star Danny Miller’s colourful romantic past: co-star romance and affair

Danny Miller has been engaged to Steph Jones since January and they became parents in October
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Danny Miller and Hollyoaks star Kirsty-Leigh Porter had a five year on-off romance
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A source told The Sun: "Devastated Daniel was 'in pieces' when he heard about Miller and realised the marriage could not be saved.

“They were separated, but Daniel was heartbroken when he found out about it.”

The source claimed that despite the separation Daniel was still "optimistic" about saving the marriage, but that Steph's relationship with the actor was "the painful straw".

With Danny seemingly caught up in middle of Steph and Daniel’s marriage breakdown now is as good a time as any to review the soap actor’s past colourful romantic endeavours.

Soap romance

While Danny has played gay character Aaron Dingle on Emmerdale since 2008 – and will soon exit the soap – his real life romantic life has previously included a five-year on-off relationship with Hollyoaks star Kirsty-Leigh Porter.

The ITV star dated the 32-year-old Channel 4 soap actress for five years from 2010 onwards, but their romance was littered with unsavoury accusations of unfaithfulness on the part of Danny.

The duo first split in 2011 before they quickly reconciled – only to break up again in 2012.

The pair then got back together once more and even moved in together – but the romance ultimately collapsed and they broke up for good in 2016.

Danny was engulfed in shameful headlines in 2016
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Prostitution shame

Around the time of Danny’s split from Kirsty, allegations were made that he had enjoyed a drunken romp with a prostitute – hammering the final nail in the coffin of his relationship with the Hollyoaks actress.

A source told The Sun at the time: “Danny won an award for Best Soap Actor in September, and they went on a lovely holiday to Lanzarote after that.

"It was when they got back that Kirsty-Leigh heard what people were saying and moved out of their home. As far as she is concerned, this really is the end."

Kirsty even appeared to address the scandal herself, unleashing a scathing tweet in relation to the relationship issues of Khloe Kardashian and her then-husband Lamar Odom, writing: “Last time my ex went on a bender & slept with prostitutes I dumped his ass! #CallMeOldFashioned.”

Danny was accused of having an affair with Emmerdale co-star Michael Parr's girlfriend, and fellow 'dales star, Isabel Hodgins
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Co-star affair

Also in 2016, Danny faced accusations of having an affair with his Emmerdale co-star Isabel Hodgins behind the back of Kirsty.

What’s more, 28-year-old Isabel was in a relationship with 35-year-old Emmerdale actor Michael Parr at the time – creating quite the complicated and tangled love triangle, or perhaps square.

According to reports at the time, Danny and Michael experienced a monumental fall-out behind-the-scenes of their ITV soap as the allegations raged.

A source claimed at the time: “The revelations caused arguments among the cast who split into two camps over who to support.

“Most sided with Michael, which left Danny feeling almost like an outcast. There has been very little sympathy for him over how he has acted in this."

Danny's fiancée Steph was married to a man named Daniel Babcock in 2018
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Complicated engagement

Danny is said to have known current fiancée since childhood and the couple happily announced their engagement at the beginning of the year.

But even this romance has been hit with complications as Steph’s ex-husband has spoken out to lament the collapse of their relationship.

Steph’s now ex-husband, Daniel Babcock, is said to have been distraught to see her move on without him after being with her since they were both 20 and only tying-the-knot themselves in 2018 – a year before Danny swooped in to woo the now mother of his child.

A source told The Sun: “There were difficulties in the marriage. They were on a separation but Daniel was optimistic about saving it.

“However, with Miller on the scene, it couldn’t be salvaged and left him absolutely heartbroken and in pieces. It was her relationship with Miller which was the final straw. It led to a very painful divorce.”


Danny and Steph welcomed their son, Albert, in October
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It was in October this year that Danny became a first time dad with childhood sweetheart Steph.

Sharing a photo of his hand, Steph’s hand, and baby Albert’s tiny hand on Instagram following the birth, Danny wrote: “I was lucky enough to find someone who shines bright enough to lead me out of the dark, but I never imagined to be lead to the brightest place imaginable.”

Danny and Steph had been planning an IVF pregnancy as they struggled to conceive before Albert was conceived naturally.

Taking to Instagram before he entered the I’m A Celeb castle, Danny shared a photo of himself cradling his son and wrote: “Everything I do, I do for you. For the rest of my life. And that is a promise, my son.”