Islam Makhachev vows to prove Tony Ferguson is NOT at the same level as Khabib Nurmagomedov

Islam Makhachev wants to face Tony Ferguson next to prove the US fighter is not in the same league as his mentor Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The Russian stretched his unbeaten streak to eight with a resounding win over Thiago Moises in Las Vegas on Saturday but no sooner had he taken care of the Brazilian, he was setting his sights on his next opponent.

‘If they were to give me a choice, let’s do it with Tony because we have good history with him,’ Makhachev told reporters after beating Moises in the fourth round via submission.

Islam Makhachev beat Thiago Moises and wants to face Tony Ferguson in his next fight

Ferguson was scheduled to face Makhachev’s mentor Khabib Nurmagomedov but never did


Khabib, who was in Vegas to support Makhachev, never met Ferguson in the cage during his incredible, unbeaten career.

Ferguson, 37, was widely regarded as one of the best 155 pound fighters around and seen as one of the few people capable of beating Khabib.

The pair were scheduled to face each other on five occasions but the fight everyone in UFC craved never saw the light of day before Khabib retired in October with an unblemished 29-0 record.

And Makhachev referred to his mentor’s unfinished business with Ferguson, pledging to do Khabib’s bidding against him.

Khabib, who retired last October on 29-0, watched Makhachev beat Moises in Las Vegas.

‘I’m going to finish this. I’m going to show Tony is not at Khabib’s level,’ said Makhachev

‘Khabib was supposed to fight with him like five, six times. Let’s finish this, you know,’ he said.

‘I’m going to finish this. I’m going to show Tony not Khabib level. People don’t understand how Khabib pressures.’

Makhachev, 29, praised Khabib as a ‘humble guy’ and said he had many of the same qualities as him and was almost as good a fighter.

‘If somebody says I’m almost the same as Khabib, I agree with this,’ Makhachev added.

‘I want to be like Khabib, you know. He’s a great man, he’s champion, he has a lot of money and he has everything, but he’s still a humble guy.

‘He’s coming to U.S. without his family. He stays here one, two months to help us. He doesn’t take money, nothing. He just comes and does the whole thing. We came to U.S. and he rent big house for team and a lot of cars for team and nobody pay. He pay for everything. I cannot explain Khabib. He does a lot of stuff, but not everyone knows this.’