Jacqueline Jossa skipped NTA’s for first time in 10 years for ‘some family loving’

Jacqueline Jossa has revealed why she snubbed the National Television Awards for the first time in ten years
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“It’s the first time in 10 years I haven’t been. I just really feel so tired and needed some family loving.

“My girls are everything and bowling was worth it. I’ll be on it next year but I just didn’t fancy it this year.”

She went on: “Wow, ten years of NTA’s. I’ve been around a while.”

Jac said she needed some family loving
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It’s clear that family is everything to the actress after she recently admitted that her ‘life is complete’ with her two girls.

Jacqueline recently admitted that she has no plans to have another baby with husband Dan because their family is already complete.

Speaking to OK! magazine about her idyllic life, the former soap star told: “I feel like our family is complete now," when quizzed about whether she would be open to having another baby.

The star shared some sweet snaps from her bowling night
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The mum-of-two revealed that the key to a blissful family life is "being happy in yourself" and confessed that she is a "go-with-the-flow mum" when it comes to parenting.

The Lauren Branning actress first became a mum back in 2015, welcoming first born Ella Selina into the world on 15 February 2015.