Jamie Carragher takes swipe at Gary Neville and Roy Keane over ‘excuses’ for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Jamie Carragher has taken a playful swipe at his Sky Sports punditry colleagues Gary Neville and Roy Keane for making excuses for Manchester United and their under pressure boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

United splashed out over £100million in the summer on a lavish recruitment drive which saw them bring back superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, but they have struggled during the early stages of this season.

As a result, there have been mounting calls for Solskjaer to leave, but Neville and Keane have often stood by their former team-mate – a stance which Carragher has now jokingly hit out at. 


Jamie Carragher has taken a swipe at Gary Neville for making excuses for Manchester United

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer finds himself under increasing pressure after United’s recent rocky form


When questioned on what has annoyed him recently, Liverpool legend Carragher was quick to call out the duo. 

‘It must be something to do with football… and it must be something to do with Neville,’ Carragher told the Tony Bellew is Angry podcast.

‘I did a newspaper column on it – I was with Gary Neville a few days before and we did this YouTube chat about the season with Roy Keane.

‘The two of them just make excuses for Ole because they played with him and he’s their mate. 

Roy Keane, also a Sky Sports pundit with Carragher, has been criticised for his similar excuses

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to United in the summer but cut an irked figure against Everton

‘They were saying, “they can’t win the league, they still lack this, they still lack that, the Glazers aren’t putting enough money in, they should be going for Harry Kane.”

‘I’m sitting there thinking, “you’ve just signed a player that’s won the Champions League four times, you’ve just spent 75million on a winger. 

‘”You finished second last season, you didn’t lose a game away from home all season”, and I’m like… “there’s only one step to go!”.

‘Honestly, it wound me up so much. I went, “that is it. I’m doing my newspaper column on it”. 

Carragher cheekily said Neville and Keane’s stance is because they are ‘mates’ of Solskjaer’s

‘Ole wasn’t too happy with the column, but I just said it’s time the excuses stop at Manchester United, I’m sick of it.

‘It’s always, “they still lack this, they lack that” – every player’s on £50m! You go through the whole team, it’s unbelievable!’

United crashed out the Carabao Cup in the third round before the international break in a major blow to their trophy aspirations, and have also endured a rocky start to their Champions League group. 

Meanwhile, Danny Blind, the father of former United player Danny and now an assistant coach for Holland, has been left less than impressed by Solskjaer.    

Solskjaer’s team has been accused of lacking an identity by Holland assistant Danny Blind

‘What is the identity of this team? What is his plan?’ Blind said. ‘It is exactly that what is missing with Solskjaer.

‘There is not a tactical plan. His team are not able to put pressure on their opponents like Manchester City.

‘It does not always have to be full pressing, but we don’t see any of it – everything in the United team is based on the individual qualities of players. 

‘They have those qualities and it often gets a result for the team. But it is never a team result. It has not been looking good in a number of matches.’


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