Jennifer Aniston loves seeing George Clooney with kids

Jennifer Aniston loves seeing George Clooney with kids

Jennifer Aniston thinks it is „amazing“ that George Clooney is now married with two children.






Jennifer Aniston thinks it’s „amazing“ to see George Clooney with his children.

Jennifer Aniston

The 49-year-old actress was able to catch up with her friend and his family, wife Amal and their twins Ella and Alexander, 17 months, when she was filming in Italy recently and she thinks it’s great to see how much the 57-year-old actor has changed.

She said: „The Clooneys, so sweet. It’s amazing to see him with children.“

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres observed „You’d never think he’d have children.“

Jennifer replied: „That’s what we talked about anything can happen.“

And George wasn’t the only famous friend that the ‚Dumplin“ actress got to catch up with.

She gushed: „Bono was there, that was fun to see him, he’s sweet, he’s just a lovely decent man…

„There’s something about Steve Carrell that everyone loves deeply, you can’t just love Steve Carrell. Dramatic, beautiful actor. that movie ‚Beautiful Boy‘ is just stunning, he’s great in that, he’s fabulous. Such a range of emotion.“

Elsewhere on the show, the 60-year-old talk show host offered to host an on-air party for the former ‚Friends‘ star when she turns 50 in February.

She said: „Your birthday is coming up, a big one, you’re gonna be 50. You look fantastic. And I have an idea for your birthday, because it’s a big one.“

Jennifer said: „It is, stop saying it.“

Ellen continued: „You should do something special for it, I’m doing a party for you, on this show. I am gonna have an entire hour – you know how fun my birthday is and how special and surprises – what if we celebrate you for the whole hour.“

The ‚Cake‘ actress was delighted by the gesture.

She said: „I love that idea and is it greedy of me to say ‚…And then we go to your house and have an afterparty?‘ „

As the audience cheered, Ellen laughed: „I love that you all think you’re going to be here.“

The presenter’s offer came after she admitted she never accepts any of Jennifer’s offers.

She said: „We are friends but we never see each other, we only FaceTime because I don’t leave the house.“

Her guest agreed: „That’s actually true. You never come.“

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