Jennifer Saunders and Adrian Edmondson plagued by rat

Jennifer Saunders and Adrian Edmondson plagued by rat

Adrian Edmondson and his wife Jennifer Saunders‘ home has been invaded by a rogue rat.






Adrian Edmondson and his wife Jennifer Saunders are being plagued by a rat at their house.

Adrian Edmondson and Jennifer Saunders,

The couple – who have been married 33 years – were suspicious that they had an unwanted guest at home who keeps sneaking in to their kitchen to steal food so Ade set up a night camera to get definitive proof of the raiding rodent.

The 61-year-old comic actor has tried everything to catch the rogue rat with no success so shared a video of the pest scurrying around his kitchen with his Twitter followers to get tips on what he can do to rid his and ‚Absolutely Fabulous‘ creator Jennifer’s home of the rattus family member.

He tweeted: „To quote UB40: ‚Rat in mi kitchen what am I gonna do?‘ It’s going everywhere except inside the lovely humane trap. I’ve tried cheese, bacon fat, and bread. (sic)“

Ade’s followers were quick to reply with one recommending he use a „dart and blowpipe“ to kill the rat just like his alter ego Eddie Hitler used in comedy series ‚Bottom‘ in the episode “S Out‘ when trying to catch a hedgehog he and friend Richie Richard – played by the late Rik Mayall – mistook for a Womble on Wimbledon Common.

However, one follower offered up a more useful solution, tweeting: „Serious answer: apparently rats love chocolate. I heard of a guy here who catches rats and says chocolate has the best success rate

I would probably end up in the rat trap myself.“

On screen Ade has a history of problem rodents.

In the acclaimed 80s sitcom ‚The Young Ones‘ his character Vyvyan has a pet hamster called Special Patrol Group – aka SPG – who talks in a Glaswegian accent and often turns against his owner with violent consequences.

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