Jeremy Clarkson celebrates his new lager with a ‘p*** up in a brewery’

Jeremy Clarkson is toasting to a brand new venture
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"I thought you'd only be able to by my lager from my own farm shop but it turns out, you'll also be able to buy it from Jeff's website [Amazon]."

He then toasted his fans and took a sip of his lager, adding: "Cheers!"

Former model Jodie Kidd was one of the many excited fans in the comment section, telling the presenter-turned-farmer she would be pre-ordering a crate.

Hawkstone lager came about after Jeremy realise that the hard and unforgiving land on his Cotswold farm can yield malting barley of unusually high quality – ideal for brewing.

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The star then ensured his hard work didn't go to waste, and sent his supply directly to a local brewery to turn his gains into a premium lager.

The result, Hawkstone Lager, is named after the Neolithic standing stone that stands close to Jeremy’s farm.

Jeremy has opted to market his debut drink line as "Hard to make but easy to drink" thanks to the lengthy process involved in creating the tipple.

The star's tipple is a labour of love
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Compared the industry standard of around nine days, Hawkstone Lager takes around six weeks to create – a day to brew, 10 days to ferment and 4 weeks lagering.

Lagering (as this is known) is like laying down a fine wine – it allows the flavours to mature and produces a smoother, more rounded lager.

Not content with making his very own premium lager, Jeremy is hoping his venture into the alcohol industry could improve life for British farms.

"Could my beer save the British countryside?" the star boldly muses.

The star is hopeful his brew could help 'save British farming'
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Farming is recognised as a difficult profession that struggles to reap financial rewards at times.

After creating his own brew, Jeremy was shocked to discover the disparity between the £205/tonne he was originally paid for his premium barley, and the £580/tonne it costs by the time it reaches brewers.

The celebrity farmer is keen to ensure British farmers get the full value of their produce and cut out the over-inflated prices from middle-men.

The star's next mission is recruiting farmers to create a fairer deal for barley producers – perhaps involving the setting of a farmers’ co-operative.

As the creator of Hawkstone lager, Jeremy has already y hosted a round table with farmers and maltsters to see what can be done.