Jeremy Clarkson takes savage swipe at Jeff Bezos after Amazon cancels Clarkson’s Farm

Jeremy Clarkson has taken a savage swipe at Amazon founder Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest man rocketed to outer space on Tuesday

The former Top Gear presenter made a cheeky dig when he sarcastically wrote: “Well done @JeffBezos really well done.

"Can I do my farming show now?”, he quipped to his 7.3 million Twitter followers.

It comes after Jeremy’s loyal fans kickstarted a petition to beg for more of Clarkson's Farm after the TV star recently revealed that a second series is looking unlikely.

Jeremy urged viewers to ‘write to Amazon’ if they really want more of his documentary series – which has clearly proved immensely popular among his admirers.

Jeff made history when he took a short journey into space on Tuesday
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Loyal supporters heard his call loud and clear and a petition has even been created hoping to ‘make Amazon realise the amount of users they are missing out on’ by not renewing the wholesome show.

Created by fan Yasmin Pattle, 'Give Clarkson's farm series 2 or a running tv series' currently has 1,724 signatures on since its creation last week.

Released on the streaming giant Amazon Prime in June 2021, Clarkson's Farm was a humorous look at Jeremy's life running his farm in the Cotswolds.

Jeremy tweeted Jeff in a bid to get answers about the cancellation of his beloved show

With no previous farming experience, the series saw the TV star contend with disobedient animals, unresponsive crops, and an unexpected pandemic as he took the lead on the land he has owned since 2008.

The series was a surprise hit, with even Jeremy taking to Twitter to share how overwhelmed he was with the support since the show's release last month.

Despite its popularity, fans were devastated earlier this month when Jeremy appeared to confirm rumours that a second series isn't coming.

Fans were devastated earlier this month when Jeremy appeared to confirm rumours that a second series isn't coming

"Can you confirm If the rumours are true that they are shooting series 2?!" one fan asked the TV star on the social media site.

Jeremy replied: "No. We aren’t. Write to Amazon , it’s their decision."

Passionate fans were quick to act on his request, with multiple followers tagging the streaming giant into their request for more of Clarkson's Farm.

Here’s hoping Amazon and Jeff will listen to their calls!

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