Julianne Hough shows off her tiny waist in a crop top

Julianne Hough celebrated her 33rd birthday on Tuesday.

The professional dancer went on to mark the special occasion by sharing a photo and a video of herself frolicking in a sunflower-filled field to her Instagram account the following day.

Several of the performer’s close friends, including Nina Dobrev, shared tributes to her on social media. 

Special day: Julianne Hough shared a photo and a video of herself frolicking in a sunflower-filled field to her Instagram account on the day after her 33rd birthday 

Hough sported a white t-shirt that featured a large cut in its back and a cropped front that exposed her toned tummy while basking in the sunlight.

The performer paired her top with a matching long skirt that obscured her impressively sculpted legs.


Her bright golden hair remained free-flowing in the video and fell onto her back, face and chest as she danced around the flowers.

She notably accessorized with a single ring and a pair of ornately designed earrings. 

Contrasting color: The professional dancer sported a white t-shirt worn above a matching long skirt in the shots

Luscious locks: Her beautiful golden hair remained free-flowing and fell onto both her chest and her backside

Hough also wrote a message directed at her followers where she expressed her gratitude for all of the well wishes she received on her special day.

‘Feeling the birthday love and letting it all pour in! So grateful for the many years of love and support you’ve all shown me. It’s been a long cold, lonely winter. Here comes the sun,’ she noted.

The dancer was also seen stretching her arms out after receiving several bouquets of flowers in an image that was shared to her Instagram Story on Wednesday. 

She opted for a much more casual ensemble in the shot, as she sported an intricately patterned short-sleeve robe and wore several gold bracelets.

Colorful displays: The dancer also shared an image of herself standing in front of a set of beautiful flower arrangements

Her luscious blonde locks fell downward toward the left side of her chest.

Hough also showed up in several shots that were shared to Dobrev’s Instagram account. 

In one of her photos, the 32-year-old performer was seen having a chat with her pal as they sat next to each other on a wall.

The Vampire Diaries actress sported a festive floral dress as she spent time with the professional dancer.

Better with friends: Nina Dobrev shared several shots with Hough on her own Instagram account and wrote a lengthy message to commemorate her friend’s special day

Dobrev also shared a small gallery of images to her account and wrote a message directed at Hough where she went into detail about the favorite qualities of her friend.

Specifically, the actress told her friend that she loved sharing ‘adventures with you, work with you…but most of all getting into TROUBLE with you.’

She also wrote that she deeply valued her friendship with Hough and noted that she was committed to remaining close to her.

‘No matter what happens [ or where in the world we are ] i know it’ll be okay if you’re by my side,’ she wrote. 

Sincere: The Vampire Diaries actress told Hough that everything in her life would be ‘okay if you’re by my side’

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