Kaitlyn Bristowe arrives at DWTS rehearsal after sharing plans to double date with partner Artem

They’re romantically involved with Jason Tartick and Nikki Bella, respectively. 

And Bachelorette beauty Kaitlyn Bristowe recently shared that she and her dance pro, Artem Chigvintsev, ‘for sure’ plan to double date with their partners. 

On Saturday morning the Canadian-born reality tv star, was ready to put the dance steps in her head to practice as she arrived at rehearsal. 

The 35-year-old looked cozy in an oversized cardigan and workout clothes, as she walked with her costume in hand ahead of Monday’s show. 

Show time: Kaitlyn Bristowe, 35, was ready to put the dance moves in her head to practice as she arrived at DWTS rehearsal on Saturday morning. The Bachelorette beauty kept it cozy in a cardigan and workout clothes as she carried her costume in hand

Gearing up for a long day ahead, Kaitlyn opted for comfort as she rocked black patterned leggings and a cropped black shirt. 

Layering up to keep her muscles warm, she sported an oversized pink knit cardigan over the form-fitting outfit. 


She slipped a pair of Golden Goose high-tops on her feet, leaving the laces untied as she rushed to practice. 

Before masking up for her walk, she grabbed all of her belongings out of her car. 

Hydration: Bristowe made sure she kept her water bottle in tow as she got ready to sweat it out on the dance floor

Long day ahead: The Bachelor nation alum made sure to gather all her belongings as she prepared for a grueling day of practice

Bristowe threw a black tote bag over her shoulder, carrying a large leather duffle style backpack in her hand. 

She clasped a red and black sparkly mini skirt that featured with beaded fringe close to her chest as she walked. 

Making sure to stay hydrated, she clutched a blue Voss water bottle, throwing her blonde locks up in a high ponytail. 

Balancing act: The 35-year-old dancing beauty juggled her many belongings as she walked towards the studio

Pony up: Kaitlyn threw her blonde locks up in a high ponytail that she 

Kaitlyn had her hands full as she walked towards the studio to meet her dance partner Artem Chigvintsev. 

For the third week in a row, the duo finished last Monday’s competition with the second highest score.

Speaking of her great relationship with her dance pro, Bristowe told Life & Style that she and Artem will ‘for sure’ be going on double dates with their respective partners.

Ones to beat: Kaitlyn and Artem finished their third week in a row with the second highest competition score, coming in at a solid 27; pictured at practice October 13

 Artem is engaged to Nikki Bella and Kaitlyn is dating banker, Jason Tartick, as Bristowe revealed she and Bella have a lot in common.  

‘She has her wine, and I have my own wine. Artem and I have the best, supportive partners. We keep, like, wanting to double date, but it’s so hard during the pandemic,’ she said. 

Gushing over Barstowe, Bella recently posted, ‘Her story is incredible. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and she is truly living her dream right now. I think that’s really special. So is my Artem.’  

Loved-up: Bristowe and Tartick have been dating since January 2019. Both are Bachelor Nation alums who met after he appeared on her podcast ‘Off The Vine’; pictured January 2019

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