Katie Price says David Ginola will be mortified over loud snoring on ITV’s I’m A Celeb

David's snoring has been a cause for concern among I'm A Celeb viewers


“Oh my God! David’s snoring,” she told the camera. “He will hate that when he comes out. Imagine that.”

Katie then revealed her fiance Carl Woods snores, and she’d be more than likely to film him asleep to try and embarrass him in front of family and friends.

“That’s the kind of thing that I would do to Carl when he’s asleep, as a wind up video,” she said.

“Send to his friends, and the family chat,” Katie teased.

The former footballer's bedtime antics have kept his campmates awake

She began the video by sharing the results of a poll she’d taken, as she asked her fans and followers if they wanted her to continue doing the nightly reviews.

“Some of you don't like my comments, some of you do… but you can't agree with everyone.” she said.

“Just like I don’t agree with what everyone else says about things,” Katie cryptically added.

The mum-of-five was full of praise for the show, regularly commenting on the contestants being “really happy”, and she said she was relieved to see the camp reunited in the main castle.

Katie has been delighting her followers with her nightly reviews
(Image: @katieprice/Instagram)

However, she was disgusted with the campmates tucking into a controversial delicacy for their evening meal.

“For me, squirrel is just a rat with a fluffy tail. I’ve never eaten squirrel, never. I don’t know if I actually could,” she said, as she made gagging noises.

But she was blown away by David’s cooking hack, as instead of using the fire, the former footballer opted to use the woodburner instead to heat up the pan, an idea which Katie said was “brilliant”.

Katie also threw her support behind Richard Madeley

“I didn’t even know you could do that! What a great idea,” she said.

And the model and author has seemingly already picked out her favourite, as she heaped praise on Good Morning Britain co-host Richard Madeley.

“Poor Richard, he’s such a good guy,” she said about the challenge he took part in during Wednesday night’s show, and said she felt sorry for him trying to grab all the fruit and vegetables with “cold hands”, but called him a “tough cookie”.