Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have a Bill & Ted’s reunion in Malibu over coffee and motorcycles

They’re great friends onscreen and off.

And on Wednesday, Bill & Ted’s co-stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter were seen enjoying an outing in Malibu, California, grabbing a coffee and going out for a ride on their motorcycles.

Reeves, 57, donned a black jacket over a black top with black pants and brown boots. He had a pair of sunglasses resting over his shaggy mane and sported a beard as he carried a motorcycle helmet in the outing.


The latest: Bill & Ted’s co-stars Alex Winter, 56, and Keanu Reeves, 57, were seen enjoying an outing in Malibu, California on Wednesday, grabbing a coffee and going out for a ride on motorcycles 

Winter, 56, donned a black jacket with blue jeans and black shoes with dark sunglasses as he carried his coffee and helmet.

The longtime friends have shared the screen in three films in the Bill & Ted series – 1989’s Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, 1991’s Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, and 2020’s Bill & Ted Face The Music – as Winter played Bill and Reeves played Ted.


They chat about their friendship and the film franchise in an August 2020 piece for The New York Times, as Winter said he thinks of Reeves as a brother.

‘There’s very little constancy in this business,’ Winter said. ‘You come together on a set, you’re like, “We’re like a family!” And then it’s, “OK, bye.” You never, ever see them again.’

The actors carried their motorcycle helmets as they made their way to their rides  

Reeves donned a grey scarf as he carried a coffee and snack on the daytime outing 

Reeves added: ‘We enjoy each other’s company and our thoughts and takes on the world. When we come together, it’s like, “What are you thinking?” “I don’t know, but this is kind of funny.” “Yeah, that’s kind of weird, too.”‘

Winter told the newspaper that he and Reeves ‘met in the audition process’ for Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and ‘hit it off early on in the audition.

‘We had similar training and similar interests, about acting and drama and the plays we liked … when they told us we both got the part, we were both like, “Ah, that’s great that you got it.” It’s like when you start at a new school, you’re like, “Oh great, you’re going to be in my class.” It was that vibe.’

The actors have been friends for more than three decades, since sharing the screen in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure in 1989

The stars also appeared in the films Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey and Bill & Ted Face The Music

Reeves put on a backpack prior to hitting the road in the luxe beach locale 

The pair opened up about working with late comedy legend George Carlin, who played the role of Rufus in the first two films.

‘We were young and we were trained, but it was very helpful to have people to help elevate us,’ Reeves said. ‘We felt very fortunate about that.’

Winter said that neither knew who would be cast in the role of Rufus ‘until well into shooting and it was scary.

‘There were names that were being floated around – they were great actors, but just not right for that role. Keanu and I were blown away that it was George. He was an extremely grounded, down-to-earth person off-camera. And I would say he was very charitably nice to both of us. We were well aware of the gravitas of having him.’

The actors sidled up to their motorcycles ahead of the coastline ride on the weekday 

Winter said he thinks of Reeves as a brother in a 2020 piece for The New York Times 

Reeves fastened his gloves ahead of the motorcycle ride 

Reeves said that their ‘personal lives changed a little bit’ after the film was a hit in theaters upon its release in February of 1989.

‘When we would go out to dinner together, people were like, “Whoa! Dudes!”‘ he said. ‘We would just be like, “Yeah. Yeah.” “Party on, dudes!” “Yeah.”‘

Winter added, ‘I remember somebody doing an air-guitar slide on their knees, all the way across the floor of the restaurant up to our bar stools. I remember saying to Keanu, you realize that this – no matter what happens – is never going to stop.’

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