Kerry Katona poses with lookalike daughter Lilly-Sue after she turns down Love Island

Lilly-Sue looks just like her mum – but would Kerry have turned down Love Island?
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Lilly-Sue is clearly enjoying the heat-wave – and she could have been enjoying non-stop sunshine for the past few weeks.

She was reportedly approached by TV bosses to step into the villa.

But she turned down the chance, saying it would be her worst nightmare – and could kill off her blossoming career.

She couldn't bear to show off her bikini body or get romantic on camera so had to say no.

She told OK! Online: "It's not a bit of me – not in a rude way, it's a fun show, but if I was going to make a big TV debut, it would not be with Love Island.

The teen wants to earn big money – but as a lawyer
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"I hate PDAs. I had a boyfriend for two years and I would not let him touch me in public.

"For most people going in the villa, being surrounded by all those hunky men, it's a dream come true – for me, it'd be my worst nightmare."

But she did say she keen to get into show business – but has other ideas.

Lilly and her mum may look alike but their attitudes are clearly very different.

She has certainly grown up over the past few years!
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Kerry has made a huge success out of her OnlyFans account, but Lilly's in no hurry to go down a similar route.

"I wasn't massively keen on OnlyFans at first, but then I understand she's got to do what she has to do and now I'm comfortable with it. I support her no matter what," she told OK!.

While she won't rule out exploring the world of showbiz and potentially follow in the footsteps of her famous parents, she's also got her eyes set on becoming a Human Rights lawyer.

The teen has been accepted into two universities to study law.

"My friend says I'm gonna be changing the world, not my bikini!," Lilly added. "Who would take me seriously as a lawyer if I'd been on Love Island?"

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