Laura Whitmore says it is a ‘nightmare’ travelling to Majorca for Love Island

Laura Whitmore has only been able to visit the Love Island villa once
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The move has caused her to come under fire for having just 12 minutes of screentime in the main villa while earning an approximate £600,000 for the series.

While being taken to the studio ahead of tonight’s episode of Love Island : Aftersun, Laura hosted a Q+A on Instagram, during which she was asked if she would return to the villa, and when Casa Amor – a twist where a house full of new singletons shake up the contestants – will start.

“Oh I get asked this a lot,” she said. First question: yes. Second part: soon. What else can I tell you?”

“Logistically it's tougher than when I went out for the coupling up,” Laura explained. "The Balearic Islands were in amber so when I did that I had to isolate for five days, I'm not sure everyone knew that. I had to isolate five days on my return.

"Then [rules] went green, and now it's amber again, but I'm double vaxxed."

Laura said that she would go and live in the villa if given the opportunity

“I also have to be in London every Sunday as part of my Love Island contract. I need to host Love Island: Aftersun, which I love. It's just so much fun, I love live telly.

“But that's another logistical nightmare, that we need to make sure that I'm always back in time for that.

“If I could, I'd probably just move into the, I mean who wouldn't?”

Laura gave fans a hint of what's to come in the new Q+A

On tonight’s episode of Aftersun, the weekly chat show recapping the events of Love Island from the past week, Laura will be joined by the two latest dumped islanders – Rachel Finni and Brad McClelland.

There will also be another coupling up ceremony tonight on the main Love Island, with newcomers AJ and Danny deciding who to steal from their fellow islanders.

After that, the boys will decide who they want to couple up with, with the last girl standing getting dumped from the Mallorca villa.

So far, AJ has shown an interest in Liam Reardon, despite him being loved up and even sharing a night in the private Hideaway with Millie Court.

Laura hosts Love Island Aftersun from London studios
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Danny, whose introduction to the villa has courted controversy after he was found to have used the n-word in an Instagram comment to his friends, has taken a shine to Lucinda, but also had dates with Kaz Kamwi and Sharon Gaffka.

Sharon and Kaz are currently both in friendship couples with Hugo Hammond and Aaron Francis respectively.

Will their loyalties remain and will the show deliver a shock?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2, followed by Love Island: Aftersun.

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