Leeds United won’t desert attacking principles, says boss Marcelo Bielsa after successive 4-1 losses

Marcelo Bielsa is adamant he won’t alter his attacking principles despite Leeds United’s reality check in the Premier League.

Their exciting start has stalled with successive 4-1 defeats and they are in the bottom half as they face Arsenal on Sunday.

Bielsa could be forgiven for trying something more pragmatic but he said: ‘I take risks so the game can be beautiful. The second option would mean I don’t care, I’d do whichever way possible to win.

Leeds United are 15th after suffering successive 4-1 losses to Crystal Palace and Leicester City


‘Trying to attack is what the fans want, though we have to try and be efficient with the style we choose.

‘You have to pick a way to play. It doesn’t mean what I’m saying is the right way. You just have to pick a way and any circumstance when it doesn’t go well is considered bad. 

‘To construct a style of play takes a long time and to destroy it only takes one moment.’

The mentor to Pep Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino is looking to cut down on individual mistakes rather than go safety first.

Bielsa has a long-time admirer in Pep Guardiola and won’t budge from his attacking principles

‘We need to continue to attack well and reduce the errors. Not to lose the ball in our own half and to finish the attack in the opposition half so there is no counter.

‘We need to press in their half so they don’t get into ours easily.’

He added dismissively: ‘Should we go long every time? Only attack if the opponent makes a mistake? Instead of pressing in their half, wait with 11 behind the ball?’


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