Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jesy Nelson snarl at one another in unearthed clip amid feud

Little Mix fans are scrambling to find signs that the pair ‘never liked one another’ amid the feud
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The clip sees Jesy and Leigh-Anne – alongside Perrie Edwards – snarl at one another as they disagree after a hopeful band’s performance.

The two singers raise their voices at one another as Jesy attempts to defend herself after a cutting dig from Leigh-Anne.

“Jesy, I don’t know what you were listening to,” Leigh-Anne laughed.

And a defensive Jesy barked back: “Listen! I said you can’t fault it but there was something missing for me.

Jesy attempts to defend herself after a cutting dig from Leigh-Anne
(Image: BBC)

“I didn’t say anything was bad, but there was something missing,” she continued to yell over her co-stars.

Alongside the video, the Twitter user claimed that Leigh-Anne's bestie Perrie was ‘ready to throw hands’ for her as she sat upright in her chair and appeared to glare at Jesy.

The unearthed clip has now stirred up even more emotions and doubts in Little Mix fans as they share their sadness amid the ongoing rift.

“This just proves there was always something brewing. It’s sad to see,” one Little Mix fan commented.

Fans called Leigh-Anne 'patronising'
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“Jesy was defensive because Leigh-Anne was being patronising. I imagine that would wear you down after almost ten years,” another suggested.

“Jesy and Leigh-Anne always hated each other,” someone else claimed.

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: “Sad to watch this. There is no coming back from all of this.”

Jesy has continued to face criticism following the release of her solo single after she appeared on an Instagram Live with collaborator Nicki Minaj.

Jesy and Leigh-Anne snarl at one another
(Image: BBC)

Little Mix fans were left horrified when Nicki lashed out at Leigh-Anne, calling her a ‘jealous clown’ after the alleged leaked messages were made public.

As Nicki doubled down on Jesy’s former friend and bandmate, the singer remained silent – leading fans to believe further that their friendship is over for good.

The Mirror has reached out to Jesy Nelson’s representatives for comment on this story.